Annoying things in slash fanfic

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Title: Annoying things in slash fanfic
Creator: The Slash Slut
Date(s): unknown date, probably very late 1990s
Medium: online
Fandom: slash fanworks
Topic: slash, tropes, fanfiction, fiction writing
External Links: online here, Archived version
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Annoying things in slash fanfic has the subtitle: "A.K.A. The Bitch Fest." It is an essay at the website Slash Slut.

In it, the author lists forty things she finds annoying in slash writing.


"I saw something exactly like this on some other pages and well since I have been reading fanfic for quite a while some stuff has built up and I just felt the need to vent a little too. If you read enough fanfic you start to see things repeated over and over that really just annoy the shit out of you. Some of it may be innocuous at first, but after you hear it enough you think you'll snap if you hear it one more time. So maybe some of the writers out there just might see this and realize how they too may have fell into a pattern of writing clichés that can really become monotonous if used to often. Some of these things are just things I have heard repeated so many times I think I'll go mad if I hear it once more and always make my eyes roll back in my head when I read them. Others are just things that do not appeal to my personal tastes which either way you can feel free to disagree with, it's a free country after all."


  • "When writers don't use lube, especially if anal penetration is a first for a character or is not something said character engages in frequently I cringe."
  • "When one partner is delegated to being 'the female' or is stuck in the submissive position as a rule."
  • "Mulder needing a Daddy or disciplinarian."
  • "Domestic Discipline, or spanking."
  • "Skinner topping Mulder exclusively."
  • "Not labeling things with Warnings like Death Rape/non-con, bd&sm, etc."
  • "Calling someone a boy scout for coming up with lube."
  • "When there is an incessant amount of misspellings or typos in a fic."
  • "Pet Names."
  • "...the 'Suddenly Gay' thing."
  • "...'feminizing' men. This is about making guys overly emotional."
  • "'I love you, let's fuck.'"
  • "...when the characters have never been in a same sex relationship, never pondered it before, have done no kind of research about anal sex, nor have they had anal sex. Yet, somehow they know instinctively how to do it."
  • "Rape Stories."
  • "Bad characterizations."
  • "Skinner being into b&d s&m."
  • "Telling us everything about them and the damn show."
  • "Mary Sue's Do Not Do Them."
  • "COCKSNOT. What in the fuck is that? Cocksnot!?"
  • "How about not calling a guy's dick something stupid. Love Meat. That's one stupid one I have heard."
  • "Original slash fics. Why the fuck aren't there any good ones out there."
  • "Rent boy, hooker stories. Ok, can we talk about prostitution here for a moment."
  • "Angst Highway, as I have come to refer to it."
  • "Fucking mistaken for love."
  • "Writers not knowing when to end a damn series."
  • "This is for the girls in the X-files fandom. What the fuck is up with not slashing Mulder anymore?"
  • ""I've never seen the show before, but I've written a fic anyway.""
  • "I call this one 'All of a sudden, I'm in love with you'."
  • "So everybody on the damn show's fucking gay now?"
  • "Yes, I finally snapped over RPS (Real Person Slash). What the hell is up with this stuff I ask you?"
  • "Quick Resolutions to Anger"
  • "...using names for things or perhaps phrases that are geographically incorrect."
  • "...correctly spelling characters names..."
  • "...getting a characters or really an actors physical characteristics wrong."
  • "'False Entry signs to sites'"
  • "...websites in general. This one is about visually painful backgrounds, text effects, or colors."
  • "My main problem with rape fics is that the victims recover so quickly."
  • "MPREG!"
  • "The Dick That Just Won't Quit. You know what I'm talking about. A story where the guys do it so many times in succession you just have to hate their sexual prowess."
  • ""Aren't you dead yet?" I'm talking about a story where one or sometimes more than one character has so much physical abuse, torture, rape, etc. heaped upon them you wonder how they are still alive."