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Name: Anna Moon
Alias(es): prettyannamoon, Pretty Anna Moon, Lilith True
Type: fan artist, fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Sandman, Heroes, Game of Thrones, Star Trek AOS, The Legend of Korra, One Direction, etc.
URL: LiveJournal / Tumblr / DeviantArt
illustrations_by_anna Yahoo! Group
Lilith True on
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Anna Moon (a.k.a. prettyannamoon) is a multifandom fan best known for her fan art. She has been involved Harry Potter fandom since early 2000[1] and was a member of the Sugar Quill community.


Anna writes of discovering Harry Potter fandom:

I read the books post-Christmas '99, and was surprised to find it was a series in progress. I went to to find the release date of the next book, and found their message boards as well. When they were deleted (overnight, no warning), I ended up at an MSN board, which led to FFN, which led to the Quill.[1]

Anna was active in the Sugar Quill community,[2] and attended her first SQ "summit" in November 2001.[3] She was also a moderator of Sugar Quill's W.A.I.L. ("Weasley Adoration and Idolatry League") forum.[1][4] She got a LiveJournal in December 2002.[5] In 2006, she wrote: "The only place I'm active any longer is lj, but I consider the Quill my fandom home."[1] She attended Lumos in July 2006.[6]

Anna had her own GeoCities site for her fan art, fanfiction, and general Harry Potter information.[7] She later "downsized" the site to focus on her HP fan art and moved it to[8] In October 2002, she started a Yahoo! Group for her art, illustrations_by_anna. The group primarily contained Harry Potter art but also included Lord of the Rings and Sandman art.

More recently, Anna has become involved in a number of other fandoms, including Heroes, Star Trek AOS, The Legend of Korra and One Direction.

Fan Art

"'I was drawing it before I knew what a 'fandom' was. The books reminded me of why I started drawing in the first place, and influenced my decision to major in illustration, especially kids lit."[1]

In 2006, Anna gave the work she was most proud of as the Sugar Quill's April Fools Day 2002 front page. She wrote: "Working with A&Z, Quillers' laughter, the summit less than a week later - it's all wrapped together in my mind as a personal highlight of the golden age of fandom. I printed out the comments from that day, and reading them still makes me smile."[1]

Other notable art includes her Good Ship R/H desktop.

Some of her Harry Potter art is featured at the Harry Potter Companion.[9]


Anna posted Harry Potter fanfiction to FanFiction.Net using the name Lilith True.

One of her stories, Anna Moon, Ravenclaw Girl (2001–2002), features an original character with the same name as Anna's fandom pseud. Anna wrote in 2006: "[The name 'Anna Moon'] is not related to fandom, being a combination of two high school nicknames, but I was way too excited to read that a 'Moon' was sorted into Harry's class. So excited I wrote a godawful Mary Sue opus on it."[1]

Anna also occasionally posts meta, including:


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