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Name: Megan Morrison [1]
Alias(es): Arabella, Meg Kelley, arabe1la
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter
Communities: The Sugar Quill
URL: arabe1la (deleted late 2003 or early 2004) & arabellasq (July 2005–present) at LiveJournal
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Arabella is a prominent Harry Potter fan writer who is best known for co-founding the fanfiction archive The Sugar Quill and co-writing the novel-length fic After the End with Zsenya.

Though not officially retired from fandom, Arabella has not updated since August 2005 and leaves her fifth installment of the Hermione, Queen of Witches series an unfinished work in progress.


Arabella's first fanfiction was "Chance Encounters," first published to in 2000 under the pseud "Meg Kelley."[2][3]


Arabella and her co-founder of The Sugar Quill, Zsenya, have been known to be unusually open with the real world and the press about their fannish activities. She has given a number of interviews to news sources that address topics such as the educational benefits of fanfiction.

  • Arabella has given a number of interviews to news sources such as National Public Radio [4]

An example of a fan interview is 2002 Interview with Arabella and Zsenya, posted to

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  1. Arabella has given a number of interviews with official news sources that link her fandom pseud and her real name. The article The Web of Magic was published in the The Baltimore Sun (30 July 2003), and talks about her and Zsenya "publicly 'fess[ing] up" to their fanish activities.
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