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Synonyms: Callout fic
See also: character bashing, OOC, You Big Bully!, Grovelfic
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Accusation fics are closely related to Grovelfic, only this genre is entirely focused on punishing Character A rather than seeking divine justice for Character B. In some cases, the favorite character may not even be a factor; the hated party may have done something the fan doesn't approve of but didn't get punished enough in canon. These fics often disguise themselves as character studies or deeper explorations of canon, but many of them are glorified character bashing, especially in the case of main characters.


  • Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom had a lot of these lobbied at Aang, mirroring fan criticism of his choices or behavior at certain points in the series. The famous Zutara epic Stormbenders is a prime example of this.
  • Fire Emblem Fates has a few stories that lay into main character Corrin for their actions during the Conquest route, feeling the immense guilt they felt over taking a hard route to peace wasn't enough punishment for them. Other fics have Corrin themselves ranting angrily at both their families during the penultimate choice scene; Hoshido for never going out to search for them and Nohr for keeping them captive all that time.
  • One particular Winx Club fic started with Specialist Timmy blaming main character Bloom for all the suffering her friend and teammate (and Timmy's love interest) Tecna had gone through.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has an entire archive of such fics, many of them in response to the events of "A Canterlot Wedding" or "The Mysterious Mare Do Well."
  • Family Guy also combines these with Grovelfic, where Meg Griffin tears into her neglectful and abusive family. The fic Payback From a Pipe is this trope directed at Glen Quagmire from Stewie Griffin, by a fan who likes Brian and felt Quagmire was way too cruel to him in certain episodes.
  • Cori Falls's stories eventually became this towards Ash Ketchum, whom she felt had "abused" her favorite characters too many times.
  • Mike Rhea's Ranma 1/2 fanfiction had shades of this towards Akane Tendo, Genma Saotome, and any other character he felt had wronged Ranma himself or Rhea's beloved favorite character Ukyo. One particular story had their teacher, Miss Hinako, use her power to humiliate and harm Akane for daring to get angry with Ranma.
  • A few Love Hina longfics revolve around the deconstruction of the "comedic" abuse lobbied at Keitaro by the female cast and holding the girls accountable for their behavior, which a lot of fans felt the show never did. Naru Narusegawa gets hit with this the hardest, due to being the canon love interest and the one who treats Keitaro the worst.
  • This is a common request on the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney kink meme in regards to Phoenix's actions in the first case of AA4, him and/or Thalassa Gramayre keeping her relation to Trucy and Apollo a secret, Dhurke Sahdmahdi for leaving Apollo in Japanifornia and never coming back, or Nahuyta Sahdmahdi's character overall.

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