Adam (Voltron: Legendary Defender)

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Name: Adam
Relationships: Takashi Shirogane (ex-fiance)
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
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Adam is a minor character in Voltron: Legendary Defender introduced in Season 7.

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The first episode of Season 7 was screened at San Diego Comic Con, revealing that prior to his abduction by the Galra Empire Shiro had been in a relationship with another man, revealed in a flashback to their breakup over Shiro's decision to go on the mission to Kerberos where he would be captured int he first episode. While the showrunners stressed in interviews that Adam would not be a major character outside of Shiro's backstory, the show's marketing immediately hyped Adam's importance, with Netflix releasing promotional banners that depicted him alongside Shiro, while the show's official Twitter account said that fans would "meet Shiro's significant other" in Season 7. This gave many fans - particularly anti-shippers hoping that the season would definitively remove any possibility of Sheith becoming canon - the impression that Season 7 would have Shiro reunite with Adam and get back together with his ex-boyfriend.

When the season was released, Adam ultimately had very little screentime, and his only appearance after the break-up scene in the first episode depicted him dying in combat during a flashback depicting the Galra invasion of Earth while the main characters had been fighting the empire in deep space. The fandom immediately made accusations of Bury Your Gays against the creators, leading to them issuing a public apology at New York Comic Con two months later.

A petition was circulated in the fandom demanding an apology from Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim dos Santos regarding the deaths of Adam and Ezor, two LGBT characters, as well what some consider thinly-veiled demands to make Klance canon.

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