Accio My Heart

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Title: Accio My Heart
Author(s): waspabi
Date(s): 7/30/2013 – 9/15/2013
Length: 98,688 words
Genre: Alternate Universe, crossover, slash, Hogwarts AU
Fandom: One Direction, Radio 1 RPF, Harry Potter
External Links: on AO3

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Accio My Heart is a popular One Direction/Radio 1 RPF fanfic by waspabi. It is a Harry Potter crossover, and as such includes Harry Potter canon events and characters, like Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom, interacting with the 1D/BBCR1 characters. It was written and published in 11 installments to the AO3 in just over a month.[1]


"In which Harry makes too many Care of Magical Creatures similes, Liam is a facsimile of a sham of a lie of a Prefect, Zayn is handy with the hexes, Louis thinks petty rivalry is for winners, and Niall divines the future (and the future is chaos). Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it, and those who get off with fit strangers in club loos are doomed to find them at the staff table come their seventh year.

A Harry Potter post-war AU.”


It's Hogwarts, but better. It's like this more urban, grounded version of it that still has that magical fairytale feel - a world where Hufflepuff is known as the house of spliff (which explains a lot of things, tbh) and Harry carries a pet shot glass who bites in his pocket at all times.

The boys are ridiculously fun, if only because each of them is slightly mental in his own way – but in a way that makes sense. Louis, for example, is bloodthirsty as fuck and a master prankster, and the only thing I can say when I think if that is "fuck yeah", because it works splendidly.[2]

It's somehow even better on rereading, with all the warmth and goodness of the characters bubbling out through the entire story -- every time Harry finds refuge on Nick's sofa, every time Nick's eyes soften at Harry's unthinking kindness, every time Zayn is a little bit too Ravenclaw for his own good, every mention of Viking heaven, every time Harry hooks his chin over one of the other's shoulders or insinuates himself into a hug or lets his love and happiness and accepting nature spread out onto his friends...

It's also really cool how you manage to fit so much serious world-building around post-civil-war reconciliation efforts, the proven and harmful inability of the wizarding world to teach its children about their recent history, the long-term effects of institutionalised torture, etc, etc, in such a joyful and forgiving story.[3]

The voices are so, so, so wonderful! ALL THE PUNS, OMG - utterly hilarious and spot-on. Your portrayal of Nick and Harry is LOVE. I'm deeply impressed at how recognizable they still are even in a very different setting and 'verse, with different backstories; and I adore the way you've adapted their canon into the narrative. Since fanfic has an audience with a built-in knowledge of the personae in the story, the authors don't really need to make us fall in love with the characters because we're sort of already there; but you did it here, while telling the story of how they fall in love with each other, and that's tremendous and beautiful and whoops, emotions all over the place don'tlookatme.[4]
i thought at first it was just gonna be pitch perfect marauder style banter and jokes and schoolboy yearning, but then it started getting all the magic right - nick explaining spell theory and anthropomorphized shot glasses, and then it became one of my favorite genre - the Heroes viewed through Awed Gaze of Bystanders (and you made them the CLIQUE which was alarmingly genius) and THEN it became about the aftermath of war, and about how history is written by the victors and about how the things parents tell their children informs the next generation. And then it became about social justice and not repeating the failures of previous generations, and just general cross-generational communication, and Lou gave two gorgeous speeches that nearly brought me to tears, and it did all that while also having fantastic quidditch sequences, long running jokes about cartoon villains and hapless prefects, and some of the most exquisitely fine-tuned UST since ever. It's really exceedingly unfair.[5]

Accio My Heart currently has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads, with 3 reviews.[6]


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