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Name: A_Fallen_Sister
Alias(es): cleohs, Cleo
Type: fan writer, fan artist
Fandoms: Smallville, Supernatural, J2, Harry Potter, Merlin, Heroes, Glee, Lotrips
URL: A_Fallen_Sister at AO3
a_fallen_sister at LiveJournal
Cleo Stories & The Beautiful Ones art gallery (defunct)
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A_Fallen_Sister is a fanfiction author and fanartist who was active from the early 2000s through early 2010s.

She gave a 2007 interview with Supernatural Roundtable: see Ask the Artist: a_fallen_sister.

"The roadside scene", one of three fanart pieces for Halfway Home. (J2, 2007)
Recced at crack_impala: "These pieces are incredible. The colors are gorgeous; the mood is very whimsical and peaceful. And the one adult image is incredibly hot."[1]

Example Works


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