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Name: Agent With Style
Contact: Mysti Frank
Type: agent, publisher
Fandoms: multimedia
URL: Agent With Style
1999 home page
2011 banner
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Agent With Style is one of the biggest zine publishers and zine agent in fandom. It is run by Mysti Frank.

Agent With Style continues to be the subject of regular controversies and disgruntled muttering from long-time zine fans. However, her site is easy to find and order from, and she advertises widely, so many newbies first find zines through her. Some fans feel she gives zines a bad name; others feel she provides a valuable service.

Controversy Regarding Profit

Agent With Style makes a lot of money selling zines, and the amount of profit she makes has been called into question on several occasions.

In 2003, there were complaints about unauthorized publication of fan fiction, unauthorized editing of submitted stories, bootleg print runs of agented zines, and the production value of the zines themselves. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5][6]

In 2011: [was something deleted here?]

Other Reactions and Reviews

  • "Agent with Style... Yes, she's a wee bit pricey, but she is reliable and agents for a lot of people and for several fandoms; I think it's worth paying the extra for the convenience of credit card payment to abroad and the certainty of getting your zines." [7]
  • "As regards Agent With Style I've used them several times and found them to be prompt. It's a way to get zines otherwise not available, and to be honest I don't find their prices too bad. The normal price for K/S zines from the various publishers is $26/$28, and AWS's media zines run from $19 - $30, so it's much the same. Perhaps someone not used to paying $26 regularly for zines might be shocked but I've done it in K/S for so many years AWS doesn't seem overpriced." [8]
  • "There are a number of truly bad things that have been and are being said about Agent With Style zine publications. I've never used them to publish a zine myself so I can't confirm or deny any of those accusations. However, there is one thing I'm forced to agree with after years of buying their zines: the person who does the editing for AWS is in love with epithets. It's exceedingly rare to get an AWS zine without the stories being over-filled with "the other man," "the blond man," "the shorter man," etc. This is something that I can't stand to read..." [9]


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