Pirates of the Caribbean

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Name: Pirates of the Caribbean
Abbreviation(s): PotC
Creator: Disney
Date(s): 2003 - present
Medium: films
Country of Origin: United States
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Captain Jack on the cover of a general pirate fanzine called "No Quarter Given," art by Christine Lampe, issued the same month the first movie was released

The first Pirates of the Caribbean film, The Curse of the Black Pearl, was released in July 2003. It was based on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland and was directed by Gore Verbinski. The movie mixed realistic drama, comedy, cliché pirate movie tropes, and supernatural elements to tell the story of a pirate (Captain Jack Sparrow--Johnny Depp), a blacksmith (Will Turner--Orlando Bloom), the Governor's daughter (Elizabeth Swann--Keira Knightley), a British Navy officer (Commodore James Norrington--Jack Davenport) and the man at the helm of the cursed Black Pearl (Hector Barbossa--Geoffrey Rush).

After commercial success,[1] Disney expanded the franchise to two more movies, Dead Man's Chest, (released 2006) and At World's End (released 2007). The fourth film, On Stranger Tides, was released in May, 2011 and featured Jack Sparrow but not Will Turner or Elizabeth Swan. [2]. It introduced Angelica (played by Penelope Cruz) as Captain Jack's love interest.

A fifth film, Dead Men Tell No Tales has been announced; former Bond villain and Cruz's real-life husband Javier Bardem is rumored to being sought for this film's villain as well. Christoph Waltz had previously been rumored, but instead he became Bardem's successor as the next Bond villain.


The fandom began before the release of the first movie; the LiveJournal community pirategasm was founded 1 April 2003 by leggyslove, and leggyslove posted an NC-17 fic the same day.

The fandom has both slash and het pairings (including the canon Elizabeth/Will pairing) which are very popular, as well as polyamorous threesomes and foursomes, which have been quite popular. (See also Pairing Names for more information on popular pairings and pairing-specific communities.) The fandom has also produced considerable amounts of gen works.

POTC is part of the Age of Sail umbrella fandom. The newsletter despatches includes POTC stories, and many crossovers with other Age of Sail fandoms have been written.


Captain Jack Sparrow, art by Bohemian Weasel


Notable Works

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cover of gen zine Jerry's Boys #2 (2006)
sample of the slash novel cover Matelotage, art by Suzan Lovett (2006)
cover of the slash novel Parley (2005)





inside art of the doujinshi The Legendary Man
cover of the doujinshi Excellent Discover (2004)
cover of the doujinshi King of Paradise (2004)




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