Judith Proctor

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Name: Judith Proctor
Alias(es): watervole
Type: writing, publishing, archiving
Fandoms: Blake's 7
URL: http://www.hermit.org/Blakes7/, watervole on DW
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Judith Proctor is a British fan who is best known in the Blake's 7 fandom, in which she has been active since the mid-1990s. Her many areas of activity include fanfiction, fan poetry, filking, fanzine publication/distribution, convention organisation and website management.

She has a short bio here.


Judith writes fanfiction primarily in the Blake's 7 and Stargate fandoms. Well-known stories include the novella Morgan, a crossover between Blake's 7 and Morgan's Boy, which won a FanQ award for Best Gen Standalone Zine in 1999.


Judith has edited and published numerous Blake's 7 fanzines as Waveney Press, including many novels as well as the two anthology zine series:

As KnightWriter Press, she also acts as an agent for zines in many fandoms.


Judith was the chair of Redemption from the first convention in 1999 until 2007. She also chaired Orbital 2008.

Website management

She maintains Hermit.org which was founded in May 1996 and is "The Largest Blake's 7 Site on the Web". It contains extensive zine lists, the Hermit Library fanfiction archive, essays, the Sevencyclopaedia, episode guide and scripts, as well as information on the careers of the Blake's 7 cast. The growth of the website (which started with just 4 pages in May 1996) is charted here.