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Name: KnightWriter Press
Contact: Judith Proctor & Richard Proctor
Fandoms: Multiple Fandoms
Status: no longer active
URL: KnightWriter Press], no longer active
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KnightWriter Press (also known as the Waveney Zine Shop) is one of the largest fanzine agents. They agent 1800 zines in 100 fandoms and supply fanzines from Lionheart Distribution, Neon Rainbow Press, Kathy Resch, Waveney, Batho and Kerr Ink, Greycloud Press, The Avon Club, MacWombat Press, NorthCoast Press, Maverick Press, Vision Quest Press, Howlin' Moon Press, Kathy Sands, Marian Kelly, Beyond Dreams Press, The 13th Tribe and many others.

In September 2010, the press announced they would be getting out of fanzine distribution.

Cease and Desist Letter

Knightwriter is also known for receiving a cease and desist notice that led to it temporarily ceasing publication of Rat Patrol fanzines.

Sometime in the mid to late 90's, a popular RP writer, editor, and zine publisher received a very stern cease-and-desist order (C&D) from MGM/UA, who were under the impression that she was publishing actual books based on Rat Patrol. When she spoke with them on the phone, they apologized and said that if they had realized that she was just putting out zines, she would have gotten the milder letter they occasionally send to fans. They said that they were forced to send her a letter to protect their copyright because they had received a letter from someone on the email listserv that gave the impression that the zine publisher was a professional publisher. They described the letter as "surprisingly hate-filled." No one ever found out who the listserv member was who sent the letter to the copyright holders... [1]
screencap of the website's front page, click to read

KnightWriter Press went on to make the following announcement: "(Special note — On any of these fanzines containing Rat Patrol material the Rat Patrol stories will have to be 'removed' from the fanzine. If this constitutes more than 2-3 pgs you will be credited for the difference. Sorry — this action is caused by the legal order by MGM/UA)."[2] After some back and forth negotiations with MGM/UA, Knightwriter was allowed to continue publishing Rat Patrol fanzines without using any images from the series.[3]


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