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Name: Kandy Fong
Alias(es): Kandy Barber
Type: vidder & slash writer
Fandoms: Star Trek
URL: Kandy at AO3
Kandy Fong songvid tape flyer from the mid-1990s
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Kandy Fong' is a Star Trek fan and mother of vidding.

Kandy Fong is widely acknowledged to be the first live action media vidders. She began by making slideshows that set Star Trek footage to music in 1975. Most slides were one of a kind because they were made from pieces of discarded Classic series outtake film that she had obtained from Gene Roddenberry. Kandy showed these slideshows at dozens of gen and slash Trek cons starting with the 1976 Equicon/Filmcon run by Bjo Trimble, then continuing through the 1990s. The well known slideshow, "Both Sides Now," was made circa 1980 and sent to Gene Roddenbery in 1986. [1] [2].

Kandy ran vid shows at west coast gen and slash cons starting in 1979 and continuing through the 1990s. Kandy created the concept of a vid show compilation tape in 1989 for Koon-ut-Cali-Con, and continued making the masters and copies for many other cons (sometimes with credits!) that continued to circulate long after the conventions. She also agented tape collections of other vidders, such as Mary Van Deusen. These compilation tapes, e.g. A History of Vidding, have preserved important pieces of vidding history.

Kandy Fong helped start the longest running Star Trek Fan Club in the world: The United Federation of Phoenix in 1974. Her first slide show was created as 'club entertainment'. Kandy was an editor for several issues of the club Fanzine: 'The Phoenican Star Galley'.

She then helped edit: 'Golden Oldies & New Delights'.

The next year, Kandy and 3 other local slash fans held the fourth K/S con, 4-Play in Phoenix.

She is also one of the creators of the famous K/S convention skit, the Dancing Penises.

Kandy brought her friends to Los Angeles to videotape the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremonies, plus the private parties afterwards for Leonard Nimoy and Gene Roddenberry. She also directed " Star Trek: The Home Movie."[3]

Some of Kandy's early slide shows and songvids can be found on her Kandy Fong Slide and VHS Video Shows to 1990‎ compilation DVD.

At Vividcon 2012, Kandy brought her slides and tapes to the convention and performed a number of rare slideshows: these performances were filmed and several can be seen at Kandy's page at the Archive of Our Own.

Some Early Vids and Slideshows


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  3. From her bio in Quastar #4 (1984): "Kandy Fong: a bookkeeper with a decidedly warped sense of humor (ask her about Spock and the Mickey Mouse ears sometime), she writes, does "interesting" slide shows (like Star Trek slides set to Rocky Horror music!), runs conventions, is a K/S zine editor, and is the director of the infamous Star Trek: The Home Movie."
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