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ZebraCon 15 (2001)

This was the last year that the program book listed the names of the attending and supporting members.

  • The convention website is archived here: - Zebracon 15[1]
  • 267 attending members
  • 9 con com
  • 7 at-the-doors
  • 69 cancellations (The event took place one month after 9/11 and many attendees were nervous flying. Morgan Dawn remembers that the flight from San Jose to Chicago was so tense that not one single person stood or used the rest room during the entire 4 hour flight.)
  • 26 no-shows
  • 35 dealers
  • a whole lot of songvids shown
  • $3000 raised for the Red Cross
  • 2 frazzled con chairmen and a partridge in a pear tree [2]

Con Plays

One con play was "A Hard Drive's Night" (was also performed at the last Connexions).

Another con play was "A Cough Sweet For Starsky" written by Viv Gibbons. It was a mix of 4 classic h/c eps - Shootout/Coffin/Bloodbath/Sweet Revenge. Basic plot - Simon Joey Bellamy Gunther (the waiter) poisons Starsky with a cough sweet in the "restaurant his grandmother used to live over when he was a kid." Viv played the Starsky role - Solo was Hutch (draped in a beautiful blond wig) & SHaron was the archetypal bad guy draped in black bin liner, face daubed in "upside down" crosses.

Vid Show

Playlists and vid show reviews from the 1990s and 2000s are being collected at ZebraCon/Vid Show.

Art Show

From a 2001 post to a Starsky & Hutch mailing list:
It was really exciting to see Starsky and Hutch so well-represented in the Dealer's Room. Keri and Paula had *two* new zines out. Yippee! Flamingo had Total Eclipse, and [April Valentine] had many old favorites, as did Mysti. And of course we were there with the ITP zines. The Art Show was also impressive. Linda's cover for Still the One looks even better in person than on the cover, Suzan had her Total Eclipse art there, the art from Objects in the Rearview Mirror was on display, plus a lovely pair of portraits by an artist whose name I didn't recognize -- matted in green mats and looking as if they could pop right off the page at you. Yum! [3]

Convention Reports

I know I don't have the time to review this con fairly -- it would take at least 4 days, the amount of time I spent enjoying myself there. I'm pulled in a million directions at the con (in wonderful ways) and this year was even more intense than the last one. I debuted my first zine, Total Eclipse of the Heart, and it was a wonderful experience to see people crowd around for it in the first feeding frenzy of the [[dealer's room]]. I connected again with some of the most beautiful First Fans in SH fandom -- Ruth Kurz and Marian Kelly -- who have been so supportive and helpful of my attempts to archive older print SH material. I connected with many of my list members from VenicePlace, matching real faces to email addys to discover the terrific folks that keep VP lively. I was thrilled to see the renewed interest in historical SH vids, many of them over 15 years old, which flew off the table as quickly as the zines and the new vids did. I was happy to see two new zine producers sell out their zines, one gen and one slash.

I was so busy doing SH stuff, connecting with SH folks, and attending SH events that I was unable to find time to eat all day Saturday. Neither Anne nor I was able to get a meal the entire day. Talk about running on empty! I think I had an apple and some cheetos to get me through. Too much to do!!! I was dying to spend some hours in serious discussion with folks I'd just gotten to meet in person, but invariably panels, rehearsals, and general wheeling and dealing made that impossible. One friend and I who were supposed to get together to plan some archive business never did see each other except in passing, waving at one another and promising each other a connection we were never able to make. I felt like I was cramming a ton of activity into every single minute. By Saturday night my feet were killing me, my bursitis had flared up really bad, my blood sugar wasn't too pleased with me, but I was having a ball. Where else would someone actually ask me to invent the Dancing Flamingo Screen Saver as a dramatic presentation?

I want to thank everyone who stopped me long enough to say nice things to me about the zine, and share hugs and feelings of friendship and connectivity. If you're one of the folks I *didn't* get to spend 4 hours in rapt discussion with, believe me, I regret it. After everything we've been through surrounding 9-11, and after having gotten through a scary tornado that had ripped through my neighborhood, I was feeling extremely fortunate to just be able to arrive safely at the con and get to indulge my favorite fantasies surrounding two gorgeous guys.

In fact, there was a telling moment for me in the first SH panel I was at. For the first time since I've been in SH we weren't doing the chairs-in-an-intimate-circle routine. It was in an auditorium, so we really couldn't, and besides, the room held too many people to be able to do that. Anyway, I was at the panel table, looking up at the large group of women who'd collected to share our fandom, and I had a sudden memory about a report that had been on the Today show a few days earlier, about how frighteningly restrictive life is for the women living in Afghanistan under the Taliban. And here, as diametrically opposite to that lifestyle as you could possibly imagine, was this wonderful group of fun, lively, intelligent, and beautiful women, freely and openly discussing the foibles and sexual inclinations of two fictional men with a number of like-minded sisters. At that one moment I couldn't take that for granted anymore, and it gave me the most intense feeling of the value of our freedom that I may have ever had, more even than when I've marched for civil rights, or opposed the war in Vietnam or even any time I voted. It was a wonderful feeling and I'll never forget it.

I've said this before, but it bears repeating -- if you ever really want to hear women laughing with real, hearty, genuine belly-laughs, go to a fan con. It's the most beautiful sound. I heard it a lot over the weekend and lent my voice to it often enough.

The con was wonderful fun and I can't wait till the next one. [4]
In 2001 a fan posted her con report, referencing the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Many fans struggled with whether to attend to the convention that year:
"My first ZebraCon. It had ups and downs but definitely worth the trip! There were concerns about whether or not ZCon would be on this year, considering recent tragic events but was decided terrorists were not going to stop us from our pursuit of life, liberty, and fannish interests. Think for some, was a good thing to enjoy spending time with friends.

Oddly enough, not one Trek panel, vid, or piece I noticed in the art show but Oz was well-represented with two panels (missed both - go figure), art show, vid show, party, and even a zine....

Over the years, my nerves have gotten completely shot and to put vids I've done in a major convention's vid show and sit through it... I was really shaking (good thing the room was dark). Thankfully, [J] once said to me they weren't bad vids and even accommodated an unusual request. Right vid coordinator at the right time.

Once in awhile, some things click into place. However, still on the lookout for the right 'niche'. Haven't found It--whatever 'It' is--yet. In the mean time, trying to have fun."[5]

Program Book


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