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Title: X-Files: The Musical
Author: Lindsay Kerns, Aaron Holmes, And Phillip Malcom
Dates: August 19-20, 2011 (USA), Apr 15–Jun 4 2018 (Australia)
Location: abandoned downtown lot in Lincoln, Nebraska (USA)
Type: musical theater
Focus: X-Files
Troupe: The Colonel Mustard Amateur Attic Theatre Company
URL: X Files the Musical Playlist
X Files: The Musical - BTS
Image used for the Kickstarter Campaign
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X-Files: The Musical (abbreveated as XFTM) is a musical parody of The X-Files by Lindsay Kerns, Aaron Holmes, And Phillip Malcom from the The Colonel Mustard Amateur Attic Theatre Company.It "pitches itself as a lost episode taking place between seasons four and five. It works as a stand-alone episode but also touches on the overarching story and mythology of the series."[1]

X Files: The Musical" is the seventh production and third backyard musical by The Colonel Mustard Amateur Attic Theatre Company in Lincoln, Nebraska. Millions of people worldwide love The X-Files, and our audacious vision is to transform the show into a full-length theatrical spectacle.

What began as a funny novelty—plays written and performed by a group of friends in the attic of a large Victorian house—has turned into a series of low budget spectacles for a growing group of local friends and fans. More importantly, it's fostered a thriving community drawn together by a mutual love for home-spun theatre and creative living.

After cramming over 100 people into the attic for a play, we knew it was time to move to a new, larger venue: the backyard. That’s where we performed “Jurassic Park The Musical!” in 2009 before a capacity crowd of 250. In the summer of 2010 an even bigger spectacle, “Dr. Quinn: The Musical,” required a larger backyard, and we still barely squeezed in the 450 people who showed up to see it.

We’ve added exciting elements to each new production, and “X Files: The Musical” will be the biggest thing we’ve ever created. (...)



2011 Production

The project was supported by crowd funding via Kickstarter. 135 backers raised US$ 4.108. The production feature 40+ people in the cast and crew and a 30-piece orchestra. More than 125 people were involved in the production of the play that was directed by Tyler Huckabee. Mulder was performed by Phillip Malcom, Scully by Laura Hendrickson. Other series' characters are Skinner, Samantha Mulder, The Lone Gunmen, the liver-eating mutant Tooms and the Peacock family from the controversial episode Home.

A livestream of the production was streamed via the internet. It was evetnaully uploaded as an 11 part video on Youtube in March 2012.

2018 Production

The Brisbane Arts Theatre will stage four shows from 15 Apr To 4 Jun 2018 in Brisbane.[3]


The production was heavily promoted by XFilesNews who raised awareness for it in the Philedom. Various international X-Files fan pages like X-Files Universe[4] and Spanish fanp age Expedientes X[5] featured the production in articles.



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