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Name: "Write Time" (previously, "Writeshop," and "Write On")
Dates: 1991-at least 2011
Frequency: annually
Location: Milton Keynes, England
Type: writing workshop
Focus: writing workshop based weekend con, started as solely The Professionals fandom, but expanded other fandoms, especially The Sentinel, Stargate Atlantis, and Sherlock Holmes
Founder: Helen Raven, Sara S, and Felicity M. Parkinson
Founding Date:
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Write Time (previously, "Writeshop," and "Write On") is a series of small fan run writer's workshops that are held in the UK each year. On average 20-30 fan writers will attend.

In the early years the workshop focused on fan fiction from The Professionals, but more fandoms were later added. Participants were asked to write a story (often to a set theme that varied each year) of no more than 2000 words. The stories were submitted before the workshop and were bound together in a 'workbook' but one without titles or authors listed. Writers were also instructed to neither share nor copy their stories before hand. Attendees would review and critique each story, suggest titles and then choose one by consensus and then were asked to guess the writer who then "Owned up." Sometimes the authors were correctly identified, sometimes they weren't. [1]

Varying Titles

It began in 1991 and was called "Writeshop." It is unknown how many years it had that title.

In 1999, it was called "Write On."

In 2001, the name was "Write Time," a name with which it continued until at least 2011.

Some History

Slanted Light wrote:

First "Writeshop" held, 7th-9th June 1991, based around writing Prosfic and co-organised by Helen Raven and Felicity Parkinson. Idea proposed for format of future Writeshops, that attendees submit short pieces of fiction for discussion. [2] "Writeshop" seems to have evolved at some point into "Write Time", although the format seems to be similar to that described here. "Write Time" is a continuing annual event as of 2009. [3]
One of the organizers of that first workshop posted:
The first of these was "Writeshop 91", from the 7th-9th of June, 1991, and it was Pros-specific (the list of "Videos Available" in my copy of the program is 100% Pros). I planned the program and Felicity Parkinson did everything else. As far as I recall, it was in the closing session for Writeshop 91 that the idea was raised of having each participant write a short piece, and for the collection of pieces to be distributed before the weekend, to form the focus of discussion. We did this for the subsequent weekends in which I was involved, and it seemed to work very well. [4]
From The Professionals Timeline:
"First "Writeshop" held, 7th-9th June 1991 in Milton Keynes, based around writing Prosfic and co-organised by Whitehills and Helen Raven. The arrangement was (and still is) that the con is organised by two/three people. Whitehills does the bookings, deals with the hotel, and produces the Con zine of stories to be discussed and the co-organiser(s) deals with the programme, arranges the session leaders and chairs the con. The co-organiser has the right to change the name of the con if she wishes and it has been known by several different names over the years, but now seems settled on WriteTime. This year (2010) is the twentieth year that the Con has been held. Originally the theme was Pros only. However, as some fans wanted to try their hand at writing in other fandoms, the scope was widened which made it not wholly Pros related."[5]

Zine/Collection of Fiction/Booklet

In 1999 (perhaps earlier), the submitted stories were collected into a booklet/zine in advance. This publication sometimes included the gathering's schedule.

The booklet included the statement: "The copyright for these stories remains with the authors. Please, do not, under any circumstances, show the to anyone not attending Write Shop, or photocopy them."

The Stories

The fiction submitted and printed in the booklet did not include a title, author, or summary. They were simply referred to as "Story One," "Story Two," and so on.

Some years appeared to have a theme. For example: 2004's theme was "the seven deadly sins." In later years, some stories were a response to a challenge such as written as a fusion with a well-known novel.

Some of the stories were eventually expanded into published/more widely-shared fanfics.


The first workshop was called "Writeshop." It was held June 7-9, 1991.

1991: Con Reports

The WRITERS' WORKSHOP, hosted competently by Fiona, was, again, a bonus to any would-be writer, no matter in 'what fandom. One of my favourite programme items had been re-scheduled for Sunday morning, when Linda gave a very good talk about the technicalities of doing a Music Video. She is gifted in making the subject clear to technically' blind and daft people like me.

I am certain a number of ladies will now want to try and do a Music Video themselves, as a consequence of Linda's talk. I heard enough ideas for them to last for several videotapes.

There were, of course, a lot of other equally interesting talks or discussions on the agenda, namely a discussion late Saturday evening with truly international hosts. And then there were the Music Videos... How can I forget 'Send The Marines', to name just one of my favourites!

On a final note, let me say that I found the idea of buying trees and having them planted in Scotland as a tribute to Gordon Jackson, O.B.E. very fitting. Donations were collected at the Con, and I hope the Woodland Trust will find a good place for the trees. [6]


It was not held in 1992.


Writeshop took place September 24-26 at the Wayfarer Hotel in Milton Keynes.

The "story title" was originally "Live With It," but since that phrase was actually not in the episode "The Rack," the new story title was "Off the Hook."


It is likely that there was no con this year.






Write On was held September 24-26, 1999.

  • the limit was 30 attendees
  • the fiction booklet contains one Due South story, the rest are Pros
  • it contains two pieces labeled "not for discussion"
  • there were twenty-two stories total
  • the booklet was 30 pages long
  • some sessions/schedule [7]
    • titles session
    • discuss stories, overview
    • red pen
    • POV
    • sentences and verbs
    •  ?
    • who wrote what?
    • consequences (Consequences?)
    • fan ? and art show
    • copyright



Write Time 2001 was held in September.


Write Time 2002 was held in September.


Write Time 2003 was held in September.


Write Time 2004 was held in September.


Write Time 2005 was held in September

  • there were thirteen stories: Pros (6), Sentinel (5), X-Files, Pirates of the Caribbean
  • the program included watching songvids
  • the program booklet is 35 pages long


Write Time 2006 was held in September.

  • there were sixteen stories: Sentinel (3), Pros (4), unknown fandom (3), Highlander, X-Files, original fiction, Harry Potter, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate SG-1
  • the program booklet is 50 pages long


Write Time 2007 was held in September.


Write Time 2008 was held September 19-21.


Write Time 2009 was held in September.


Write Time 2010 was held in September. It is the twentieth anniversary of the gathering.


Write Time 2011 was in September.

  • the story prompt was "mirror" and "reflection"
  • the booklet contains 50 pages


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