Whoosh! Interview Series

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Whoosh! Interview Series
Date(s): 1997-2004
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Xena: Warrior Princess
External Links: Fan Interviews
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Whoosh! Interview Series are interviews with Xena: Warrior Princess fans at the website Whoosh!.

There are three sets of them: "Twenty-Seven Grilled Bards and One Reviewer," "Inside the Head of...," and "Miscellaneous".

The "Twenty-Seven Grilled Bards" set were used for the 1998 essay Romancing the Fan: Romance and Xena Fan Fiction.

The site also hosted many, many other interviews with showrunners and other TPTB, but the ones with fans are highlighted here on Fanlore.

"Inside the Head of..." Series

"Twenty-Seven Grilled Bards and One Reviewer" Series

These interviews were used in the essay: Romancing the Fan: Romance and Xena Fan Fiction (1998).


All but two of the interviews below are part of A Cyber History of the Online Xena Community: Part I -- September 1995 To June 1996.