Twenty-Seven Grilled Bards and One Reviewer: PB

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Twenty-Seven Grilled Bards and One Reviewer: PB
Interviewee: Pink Rabbit (PB)
Date(s): August 11, 1998
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Xena: Warrior Princess
External Links: full interview is here; reference link
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Twenty-Seven Grilled Bards and One Reviewer: PB is a 1998 Xena: Warrior Princess fan interview at Whoosh!.


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The same fan was also featured in a 2002 interview: Inside the Head of Pink Rabbit.

Some Excerpts

Hmmm, basically, the reasoning is pretty simple. The show inspires a lot of thoughts and plots and ideas, and it's a way recreating the Xenaverse to fit personal preferences (i.e., follow through on their relationship). Unfortunately, the show is unlikely to ever go as far as I'd like, so it's also a way of taking the plot in an openly romantic direction, while retaining a lot of the action/adventure elements that originally appealed. As an added bonus, writing is just a lot of fun.
["Blood For Blood" is one of the first and best warlord/slave stories in the Xenaverse. When was it written and were you surprised by the response of readers?]: It was written long, long ago (somewhere toward the end of the first season). It was somewhat surprising that it was such an instant hit, but not intensely so. There was already a lot of discussion on the newsgroup and an obvious hunger for subtextual stuff. It hit at a period when there was something of a vacuum, so folks were just grabbing at anything, since there was so little. Btw, oddly enough, I don't really consider it in the warlord/slave genre, since that generally seems to indicate a dominant/submissive sort of relationship, which I don't really see in the story. Though Xena returns to her warlord self for a time, Gabrielle is anything but a slave, and in fact fights Xena at every turn to get her back.
The comedy is just something that strikes now and then. Sometimes stories come from bouncing ideas and such, but it's more just a mode of silliness that strikes now and then, then suddenly everything I write gets turned on its side (or maybe its head [g]).