What Happens in Vegas

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Title: What Happens in Vegas
Author(s): rina9294
Date(s): 17 December 2010
Length: 3,999 words
Genre: slash fanfiction, same-actor crossover
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0, Ocean's 11
External Links: What Happens in Vegas (LJ)
What Happens in Vegas (Infinitum)
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What Happens in Vegas is a Steve McGarrett/Turk Malloy story by rina9294. Additional pairings are Steve/Danny (UST) and Turk Malloy/Linus Caldwell (mentioned in passing). The story won the 2012 Hawaii Five-0 Ohana Favorite Awards in the category "Favorite Steve/Other - Genre: Other".[1] It is a same-actor crossover with a character Scott Caan (Danny Williams in Hawaii Five-0) played in Ocean's 11.

Summary: While in Las Vegas for his sister's wedding, Steve meets someone who looks very familiar who makes him re-think the way he looks at a very familiar someone. Note: Crossover with Ocean's Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen


Okay, onto my actual comment. I just absolutely loved this. I have seen Ocean's 11 so many times I have it memorized, and Turk was always my favourite character. Every time you referenced one of the characters it made me smile, and the thought of Turk and Linus together made me really giggly. I also love how descriptive you were about everything. And this line "undoing the cuffs first before moving to the line of black discs that bisected the firm expanse of his chest" was just so poetic and really great. Final note, I love how Steve can see the differences between Turk and Danny, and this: "realizing that there was no comparison between Danny and Turk, at least not in his mind." was just so perfect and so sweet. Wow that was a long comment. It was such a great fic though, and when I was it I got really excited and couldn't wait to read it. And as it turns out, my anticipation was well placed. Great job. : D[2]


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