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Name: Voiceteam
Date(s): Ongoing. 1st edition: May 2020
Moderator(s): cantarina, forzandopod, klb
Founder: cantarina, forzandopod, klb
Type: points-based, team-based
Fandom: podfic
Associated Community: dreamwidth community
URL: AO3 collection
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Voiceteam is a Discord-based team scavenger hunt for the podfic community, in which teams earn points for making different voice-based or voice-adjacent creations. It was created by cantarina, forzandopod and klb and inspired by land comms and defunct points-based podfic challenge amplificathon.

AO3 collections are set up to post the fanworks created during the challenge, though posting to AO3 is not required.

The first Voiceteam ran over 4 weeks in May 2020, with ten point-earning challenges per week. A second edition took place in May 2021.

A shorter edition, "Mystery Box," ran over 2 weeks in January 2021. Another edition was announced for January 2022.

2020 Edition

Around 100 people signed up for the 2020 challenge and were split into eight teams. 1070 works in 481 fandoms were posted to the main AO3 collection.

Each team also had its own AO3 collection:

The mods also had a mini team, "Lesser Known Clowns", so they could try some of the challenges when they weren't modding.

The red team won. Some red team members recorded a meta discussion about their Voiceteam experience for Behind the Pod: BtP S2, Party Favour: Team Red Out Loud, Voiceteam 2020- ROAD TO GLORY


From the info post:

  • Sign-ups: April 20–30
  • Discord server opens: April 30
  • Week 1—Introductions: May 1–7
  • Week 2—Music: May 8–14
  • Week 3—Adventure: May 15–21
  • Week 4—Endings→Beginnings: May 22–28
  • Amnesty: May 29–31
  • Results & Party: June 1


Week 1 challenges:

  • pick a team name
  • pick a mascot
  • create fanwork of your mascot
  • comment on a team member's podfic
  • list of fandoms shared by two or more members of your team
  • make a multivoice fanwork
  • simulpod a fic
  • rope them in (get a non-podficcer to podfic)
  • wish fulfillment - create an object you wish you could give to a character in one of your teammates' podfics
  • replication - create an object that was featured in a podfic by you or a teammate
  • BONUS: create an anthology

Week 2 challenges:

  • comment on a Voiceteam player's podfic, sharing at the end of the comment a song that the podficcer's performance made you think of
  • make a filk
  • create a podfic for a fandom that's a musical
  • tie it up with a song - choose a song and create an anthology where each podfic incorporates the song in some way
  • podfic + making music = love - create a podfic that includes a team member singing or playing an instrument
  • create a fanmix
  • start of something new - create a podfic that includes pre-recorded music in a way you haven't before
  • character cover - perform a song in-character as a character from a podfic you have created or listened to
  • notfic a song
  • musical tropes - as a team, create a list of at least 15 tropes and what musical genre they should be

Week 3 challenges:

  • snapshot - take a photo of yourself, with others as needed, recreating a moment from a podfic
  • audio muse - create something while listening to a podfic
  • first! - create a podfic in a fandom that didn’t have any podfics on AO3 when this week of Voiceteam began.
  • weird science - incorporate one or more clips from another Voiceteam player’s audio fanwork into a fanwork of your own.
  • housewarming - find a podficcer with fewer than 5 podfics posted to AO3 and leave a comment
  • rope them in 2 (non-human edition) - incorporate a non-human voice into one of your podfics
  • make a podvid
  • pitch n' pod - introduce Voiceteam players to a fandom they didn't know before and have them record a group podfic in the new fandom
  • never have I ever... until now - play podfic-themed Never Have I Ever with one or more of your team members. Then create an audio fanwork that does one of the things from the game you had never done before.
  • swap - find another Voiceteam player who has a different process from yours. Learn about each other's process. You’ll take something from each other’s process that you haven't ever done before and use it in the creation of a new podfic each.
  • BONUS: day in the life - create at least 30 seconds of audio and/or video in-character as a character from a podfic

Week 4 challenges:

  • to infinity and beyond - make plans with one or more other Voiceteam players to work on an audio project together after the end of the month
  • post-canon - create an audio work set post-canon for any fandom
  • write or record new commentary on an old fanwork of yours
  • podfic broken telephone - begin a game of Podfic Broken Telephone with at least 5 team members. To earn the points, you only need to plan the order of participation, create the first fanwork in the chain, and send it along to the second person in the chain.
  • high five - leave feedback for a member of a different Voiceteam about something they posted during the challenge
  • my turn - repod something recorded earlier for this year of Voiceteam by any player
  • dream big - begin a long-for-you podfic that you won't be able to finish by the end of the month.
  • team love - have a Lovefest with your team, where each player gets a turn receiving positive feedback from the rest of the group.
  • what comes next - record the sequel (or *create* a sequel) to any audio fanwork you have created or loved in the past.
  • time warp - record an audio fanwork in a fandom you used to be in but haven't created/consumed fanworks for in at least one year.
  • BONUS: finish or make significant progress on an old or aspirational project

2021 Edition


The schedule was modified to answer previous particiants' feedback. The new schedule allowed 5 days for the challenges, with 2 days off, over 4 weeks.


A "superchallenge" was added to the weekly challenges.

Mystery Box