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Name/s: Sharpiefan
Fandom/s: Age of Sail, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Wars
You can find me at: The AO3, Dreamwidth
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I am Sharpiefan, aka Sharpie, a fanfic writer and vidder who is most active in the Age of Sail fandom on Dreamwidth. (Which is pushing it these days, as I have withdrawn somewhat into lurkerdom as my fandom has grown very quiet of late - and I was never the most prolific person within the AoS fandom umbrella.) These days, I mostly write fanfic for an RPG I belong to.

I first discovered fanfic on the Sharpetorium in 2005 before joining Horatians in December 2005, missing out on HHUK2005 by a matter of months.

It was a fellow Horatian who first persuaded me to join Livejournal in 2006, and it was on LJ that I stumbled into actual fandom more or less by chance, and set up the community anything_aos in 2007[1]

I first made an account at Dreamwidth in 2009 and finally moved there permanently in October 2010, deleting my personal LJ and related fanfic journals several months later. Currently I post fanfic, vids etc. to a fic journal on Dreamwidth and the Archive of Our Own.

I discovered how to vid in 2012, and have created several vids (although one was a remake of my first vid so likely doesn't count!), most of which are based on various aspects of the Age of Sail. My vids are mostly posted on Youtube under the username Teverell while one or two are hosted on Vimeo.

I have never been super active in fandom. My most active participation has been in the various Age of Sail fandoms, writing fic in the Aubrey-Maturin, Hornblower and Sharpe 'verses. I have also written two fics in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and fandom and three in the Star Wars 'verse (original trilogy).

I founded the Dreamwidth Despatches, as well as mandc_watch on DW and anything_aos on both LJ and DW.

In 2008, I set up an on-line AoS RPG called Show the Colours[2] which moved hosts to Jcink [3]. While open to canon characters, most current characters are OCs. StC is set in the year 1809 and covers both land and sea aspects of the AoS. Edit: Show the Colours has recently closed (August 2016) but may reopen in the future. StC is currently undergoing a hiatus and may or may not reopen at a future date.

In reflection of the historical nature of my principal fandom, I am currently engaged in co-researching and co-authoring a non-fiction book about the Royal Marines of the late 18th and early 19th century. (I do not currently have a publication date as this book is in the very early stages of being written.)


I don't mind if other people want to remix my fic, or podfic it, draw it or whatever else. The only caveat is that I would love you to link me to whatever you produce (after all, I'd love to know that you liked my work so much you wanted to remix it/podfic it/illustrate it/whatever). I am not personally a consumer of audiobooks and podfic, but I will take a look, and comment. We all like to know our work is appreciated, after all.

If you like the music or clips used in my vids, I strongly recommend you buy the recordings/shows/films for yourself, as a gesture of appreciation to the artists and actors who have worked to produce them - and also because the originals are way more awesome than my amateurish tributes to them.


(The following text is borrowed from akamine_chan with slight adaptations.)
If you want to produce podfic of my work, please do! If you need to change words, word order, add or omit dialogue tags, or otherwise bend, crease or man-handle one of my fics so that it works better for you to read, go right ahead. If you'd like me to make edits specifically for you, feel free to ask.

This is tricky work that deserves recognition, so I would really love it if you mentioned it in notes, wherever you would normally have notes: "This fic is by [author] with (additions/alterations/ease-of-podfic transformations/contributions/however you want to describe it) by {your name}", or "adapted for podfic by {you} from a work by {author}" or whatever -- whether that's in your post or in the "headers" in the podfic. I will listen to it if you drop me a link, and will add a 'podfic available at ...' note in the original fic post.


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