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Journal Community
Name: anything_aos
Date(s): 2007-
Moderator: snakey, latin_cat, sharpiefan
Founder: sharpiefan
Type: all types of fanworks, discussion
Fandom: Age of Sail
URL: "on livejournal". Archived from the original on 2017-05-19.; on dreamwidth

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anything_aos was originally a LiveJournal community set up by sharpiefan for interesting posts that didn't quite belong in any other Age of Sail community on LJ. As well as covering the umbrella fandom of the Age of Sail, works and items for each of the smaller fandoms (such as Sharpe, Hornblower, Pirates of the Caribbean and Aubrey-Maturin) are welcome. The name, although given in LJ's lowercase username style, should be read as Anything_AoS, 'AoS' being the acronym for 'Age of Sail'.

When Sharpiefan made the permanent move to Dreamwidth, she set up a mirror community there, also called anything_aos.