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Name: Tamsyn Muir
Also Known As: urbanAnchorite
Occupation: fan writer (retired), professional author
Medium: Novell
Works: The Locked Tomb
Official Website(s): urbanAnchorite at AO3
t_ZM at AO3
urbanAnchorite at Tumblr
tazmuir at Tumblr
tazmuir at Twitter
Fan Website(s):
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Tamsyn Muir is a Kiwi writer[note 1] of SFF and horror fiction. Her debut series is The Locked Tomb quadrilogy. She has identified herself as urbanAnchorite, a BNF fic writer in Homestuck fandom,[1] and says she is "a fandom knucklehead from old times." Her partner is paraTactician, another Homestuck BNF.[2][3]

She moved from her fandom blog to her professional blog tazmuir in 2015.[4]

She has often collaborated, in fandom, with other Homestuck BNFs: roachpatrol, Shelby Cragg, and Jennifer Giesbrecht to name a few.


She was interviewed for the article What Fan Fiction Teaches That the Classroom Doesn’t ([1]) as an author with a fanfic-writing background.

She held a Reddit AMA[5] following the release of Harrow the Ninth.

She was interviewed for the Kotaku article How Japanese RPGs Inspired A New Generation Of Fantasy Authors[6] in which she spoke about how the JRPGs of the 1990s was a huge influence in her work. Of Gideon the Ninth, she said: "[The] central conceit, the cavalier-necromancer duo, can definitely be looked at as a reworking of the JRPG fighter-mage dichotomy. Gideon even begins the book by leaving her bed [a reference to the openings of so many JRPGs]."


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  1. ^ Kiwi, derived from the homonymous bird native to the archipelago, is a common self-reference used by New Zealanders, generally viewed as a symbol of pride and affection, it is also used internationally to refer them.


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