Slave Bear of Care-A-Lot

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Title: Slave Bear of Care-A-Lot
Author(s): Tami
Date(s): 2005
Fandom: Care Bears
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Slave Bear of Care-A-Lot is a hilarious parody? experiment? testament to the insanity of yuletide?

It is a fanfic perpetrated written by Tami for Rose Fox in the Yuletide 2005 Challenge. It features the BDSM adventures of the Care Bears and various other characters from Care Bears movies.

The fic can be found on the old yuletide archive.

Influence on Yuletide

In addition to thoroughly "traumatizing" lots of yuletide participants[1], it got gazillions of comments and was linked all over the place, raising questions about feedback and the "right way" to do yuletide. It has subsequently inspired other trauma-inducing badfic and crackfic concepts for yuletide, some of which were actually written,[2] while others were only discussed.[3]

Typical Reactions

" just raped my childhood. You raped it hard and with out mercy. And I think I might love you for that. God I couldn't stop laughing and it was so....strage and weird and. My child hood! Goddamnyou rule 34. Goddamn you."[4]

"Oh my god.
Sunflower cum.
My soul is screaming in pain.
And yet, I can't tear myself away..." [5]

Other Reactions

People other than the intended victims audience have also been subjected to this story. In a 2010 fanfiction review on Topless Robot, Rob Bricken wrote, "No one writes pleasant, nice erotica about the Care Bears. No, if you're writing about Care Bears fucking, you're writing about them raping each other, despite the fact that consensual sex is much more in the Care Bears' caring nature (or so I would think)."[6] Rob's review may be an example of Context Collapse, as the review was part of a weekly column that mocked (unintentional) badfic.


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