Twelve Steps From Smallville

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Title: Twelve Steps From Smallville
Author(s): IolantheAlias
Date(s): April 21 - November 9, 2008
Length: 137,986 words (57 Chapters)
Genre: Drama
Fandom: Smallville, Superman Returns
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Twelve Steps From Smallville is a Perry White and Chloe/Clark fic by IolantheAlias. It also includes the Chlois Theory, in which Chloe becomes Lois, and it also contains Chloe/Richard White and Perry/Alice.


Perry White got sober & turned his life around after meeting Clark Kent in the episode "Perry." But what happened after that? Why do all sorts of weird things happen around Clark Kent? Reporter Perry is curious.

Reactions & Comments

As of February 8, 2016: the fic on FFN has 229 Reviews, 64 Favorites, and 32 Follows.

"I honestly can't describe the sheer scope of this story. It's epic. Not to mention the fact that it does it's absolute best to reconcile Clark's behavior and reactions during Smallville and Superman Returns. Having Perry White as the narrator is a stroke of genius, as it gives new life to a legendary character, allowing him to grow and unite two very disparate canons. Perry is wonderfully flawed and wonderfully human; but above everything, he's a reporter. He observes and archives what goes on around him. This is him with front row seats to the world's best and broadest story. And he never comes across as anything other than himself. And in a story with such strong and amazing characters as Clark Kent, Chloe Sullivan(slash Lois Lane), Richard White, and Martha Kent? That's damn impressive. Iolan is always worth a read, but Iolan's outdone his/herself with this story."[1]


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