Tsunayoshi Sawada

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Name: Tsunayoshi Sawada (沢田 綱吉, Sawada Tsunayoshi)
Occupation: Student, mafia boss-in-training
Relationships: Sawada Iemitsu (father), Sawada Nana (mother), Timoteo (relative), Xanxus (adopted relative)
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
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Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada is the main character of Katekyo Hitman Reborn.


Tsunayoshi Sawada is a Japanese middle schooler who discovers that his family is related to the Vongola mafia family, and that as a result of the deaths of the other eligible heirs, he is expected to take over. He is tutored by Reborn, a hitman in the form of a baby, who teaches him how to use the Flame powers that the Italian mafia use to fight, and helps him gather a team of Guardians that can also use such powers. At the start of the series, Tsuna is a nervous, unmotivated kid who does poorly in school and is bullied, with his classmates calling him Dame-Tsuna (Useless Tsuna). As a result of Reborn's training and his experiences with the Vongola, he becomes more confident in himself and gains a group of friends.


Popular Tropes

  • Sibling fics in which Tsunayoshi has a sibling (usually, but not always, a twin with a similar name) who is considered the more likely candidate for the Vongola Decimo, only for Reborn or others to realize that Tsuna is the better fit for the role. In many fics, the non-canon twin is abusive towards Tsuna and/or others.
  • Finding out fics in which people (often but not always Tsuna's classmates) discover that he is the next in line to inherit a mafia family. Such fics usually emphasize Tsuna's confidence and fighting abilities.
  • Whump fics in which Tsuna is hurt and needs to be cared for, often by his Guardians or specifically by his romantic partner.
  • Fics in which Tsuna more actively refuses the role of Vongola Decimo, either because he doesn't want it or because he has conflicting responsibilities.
  • It is popular in fandom to speculate about the impact of Tsuna's often-distracted mother and absent father, and to write fics in which Tsuna's parents are either more neglectful than in canon or are actively abusive.
  • It is also popular in fics to either speculate about the extent to which Tsuna's canonical bullying affected him, or to write fics in which the bullying was different or worse.
  • Prior to canon, Tsuna's Sky Flame abilities were sealed by Timoteo because he believed Tsuna would not be involved in the mafia. It is common in fandom to speculate on how this sealing might have affected Tsuna mentally or physically. Several fics credit the sealing with causing his trouble in school and his clumsiness. It is also common to speculate on how this sealing might have been viewed by other members of the mafia if they knew about it, with many fics framing it as a taboo act or a violation of Tsuna that others would object to if aware of it.
  • It is common for fanfics to give Tsuna non-Flame-based abilities that the Vongola are not aware of; these abilities often present complications while presenting him as a candidate for Vongola Decimo.


In KHR fandom's numerical pairing name system, Tsuna is known by the character code 27, from ts = two + na short for nana (なな) = 7.[1]

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