Takeshi Yamamoto

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Name: Takeshi Yamamoto (山本 武, Yamamoto Takeshi)
Occupation: Student
Relationships: Tsuyoshi Yamamoto (father)
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
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Takeshi Yamamoto is a character from Katekyo Hitman Reborn.


Takeshi Yamamoto is a secondary protagonist in Katekyo Hitman Reborn. He is friends with the protagonist, Tsunayoshi Sawada and the Rain Guardian of the Tenth Generation of the Vongola mafia.

Yamamoto first became involved in the manga plot when, after experiencing setbacks in his baseball abilities due to a broken arm, he attempts to jump off the roof of the school, but is talked out of doing so by Tsuna. In the anime, they instead meet during a volleyball match. He was taught the Shigure Soen Ryu sword style by his father, who owns a sushi restaurant. He is obsessed with baseball but generally very easygoing, and regards everything as a game, in particular stating several times that he believes his and Tsuna's involvement in the mafia is a roleplaying game.

A future version of him appears in the Ten Years Later arc. By this point he has acknowledged that the mafia is real, and is extremely dedicated to his position as Tsuna's Guardian. [1]


Popular Fanon and Tropes

  • Takeshi was once identified by Reborn as being a "natural-born assassin," and many fans speculate about what this means regarding his character. This has resulted in the popular fanon that Takeshi has low empathy, sociopathic traits, or an unusual level of comfort with murder.
  • Finding out fics featuring Takeshi's baseball teammates are also popular.
  • While this is never stated directly in canon that Takeshi's father is involved in anything extralegal, because he knows a deadly sword style that was also used by a previous leader of the Varia (the Vongola assassination squad), many fans have speculated that he has some connection to organized crime. As a result of the very Japanese names and appearances of the Yamamotos, having him be a yakuza or ex-yakuza is particularly popular as a headcanon.


In KHR fandom's numerical pairing name system, Yamamoto is known by the character code 80, from Ya = 8 + ma = 0, possibly from maru (丸, meaning "circle") as slang for zero.[2]

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