Tower of God

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Name: Tower of God / 신의 탑
Abbreviation(s): ToG
Creator: SIU (Slave.In.Utero)
Date(s): Korean: 30.6.2010 - current
English scanlation: 4.10.2010 - current
Medium: webtoon (Korean webcomic]
Country of Origin: South Korea
External Links: 신의 탑 original

Tower of God English scanlation
La Torre de Dios Spanish scanlation (incomplete)

Tower of God Baam.jpg
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Tower of God is a manhwa, more precisely a webtoon, by SIU that is published weekly on the Korean online platform Naver. It started in June 2010, and only three months later the scanlation group The Company started to release an English version. The author has said that Tower of God is the first part of a series called Talse Uzer.

The protagonist is a boy, Twenty-Fifth Baam, who follows his best friend Lahel into the Tower of God. Those who reach the top of the tower receive everything they wish, but first they have to climb it, and the tests and adversaries get more difficult with each level. Baam is determined to find Lahel, who wants to see the stars, despite his status as an Irregular, one who was not chosen to enter the Tower. On his way he makes new friends and enemies, learns more about the the rules of the Tower and world, and discovers that he has a talent for shinsoo, the world's magic.

Tower of God is an adventure story that also focuses on its characters, many of them not human, and with intriguing worldbuilding.

Fandom Overview

(Korean fandom?! Seems to be quite popular, many Google hits, but I don't speak Korean.)

The fandom in other languages is tiny, and there are hardly any fanworks (not even on Some websites that host the scanlations have forums where discussion of the webtoon takes place, and there are a few sporadic posts on Tumblr. A Tower of God Wiki and a page on TV Tropes exist. There are also very few vids on Youtube and a few pieces of fanart on deviantArt.