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Date Started: 04 August 2017
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Promotional image for Total Drama Dundie by tdaxel.
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Total Drama Dundie was a meme in Total Drama fandom which advertised a potential season 6 of the series. It was a post on Tumblr by Bridgepole, later known as tdaxel. The post was structured like a press release, but the contents of the article were so bizarre that only a handful of fans were likely fooled by it.

Total Drama is back and more diverse than ever! The season, named Total Drama Dundie, scheduled to air on Teletoon in January 2019, will consist of twenty-six episodes and an hour special. Julie Giles of Fresh TV has said this season is aimed towards the long-time fans, and aims to please new viewers - she believes this season will “return to its roots”, and meet the criticisms of fans, with secondary characters returning, and the inclusion of same-sex relationships to make the show really diverse.

“Originally, the show was going to be called Total Drama Diversity, commented Giles. “But by the time we made the logo, we saw a lot more demand for a ship of Duncan and Sadie, which fans dubbed ‘Dundie’. This got us really thinking about what the fans want, and since Total Drama Dundie shares the same initials as ‘Total Drama Diversity’, we just altered the logo ever so slightly. So in a sense, the logo, and the season, has many meanings,” she continued.[1]

post's first and second paragraphs

The idea of Fresh TV using Tumblr as a means of advertising was not new. In 2015, they had an official Tumblr and had one until they deactivated it in 2018. The official Tumblr often stirred up discourse, as seen on Noah's Fanlore page, and by 2017, only a portion of Total Drama fans on Tumblr had any faith that they would enjoy a sixth season. Although a new Total Drama show was set to premier in 2018, this ended up being Total Dramarama, a spinoff where the contestants are preschoolers in a daycare.

Characters featured in the promotional art include Courtney, Gwen, Eva, Izzy, Noah, Owen, Duncan, Sadie, Justin, Trent, Tyler and José, an incredibly minor character. Couples featured are Courtney/Gwen, Eva/Izzy, Noah/Owen, Duncan/Sadie, Justin/Trent and José/Tyler. Although most of these ships in this list are popular, José/Tyler is unheard of, and Justin/Trent only gained a following years after this post was made. Duncan/Sadie had already become a Tumblr in-joke by this point.

As of October 2023, the post has over one thousand notes and is still referenced in Total Drama fan circles.


Q. What can you tell us about Duncan and Sadie?

A. Chris bailed Duncan out of jail so he could return as a potential helper for the Total Drama All-Stars finale. Stuck in a balloon, Duncan drifted away - all the way to Toronto, when his balloon burst over Sadie’s garden. She was making out with her now ex-girlfriend, Katie. Sadie questions Duncan on his time in prison, why he’s out of prison, and their time on the canoe during Total Drama Island. Duncan falls in love with Sadie, but does Sadie reciprocate? Or is she just using him to make a comeback on Total Drama? We’ll find out in the sixth season.

Q. Who will accompany Katie in her return?

A. Katie is not the only one furious with the casting of the season. Being the lowest ranking Total Drama Island camper (even below Ezekiel, due to his return in Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama’s third season), she truly believes she should be returning for a comeback. However, even the highest ranking contestants believe they should be in the next season - including Queen Bee Heather and boyfriend Alejandro! The two heterosexuals sue Total Drama after discovering they topped the Best Heterosexual couple poll and Chris rigged it for a Duncan and Sadie win, for reasons we will discover in the shocking finale. But are they really heterosexual? The return of the dynamic duo will come with the revelations that Heather and Courtney were ‘friends with benefits’ in Total Drama’s second season, Total Drama Action, following Heather’s attempt to steal Courtney’s hair. Alejandro spills all on experimenting with his sexuality with with Owen, Tyler, Noah, and Duncan in First Class on Total Drama World Tour, and insists his brother, Jose, is using Tyler as a way to get to him. Is he right with his predictions? How will he react with the tension? And what does this mean for Aleheather?

Q. You just revealed Lindsay is a lesbian and therefore qualified for Season 6. Lindsay is a massive fan favorite. Why has she not returned? Especially when there could be drama between her and Tyler?

A. Lindsay and Beth are now living in France and Chris cannot find a way to contact them.

Q. Okay okay. How diverse really is Total Drama Dundie? Does the diversity stop at LGBT representation?

A. Not at all. Goth oppression is becoming more of a problem in society, and we did not shy from tackling this issue in the sixth season. Goth icon Gwen will guide a fellow camper as they discover they are goth, hopefully inspiring more of our viewers to be proud about being goth.

Fan Reactions

Most fan reactions to Total Drama Dundie are on the Tumblr post itself, Archived version.

Whip125 ·9/9/2017

This is the worst season 6 prediction I've ever come across.[2]

discussion on Total Drama Wiki

Anonymous asked:

are we ever getting total drama dundie???

official-fresh-tv-blog replied:

Unfortunately no. While we were originally working on producing the reboot we pitched it as Total Drama Dundie but we were unable to get Duncan nor Sadie to sign on to the season.

When we tried getting in touch with their agents we were informed they were unavailable and "doing important work for the LGBTQ+ community".

We ended up stalking their Instas but Sadie's was full of pics of her with her gal pal Katie being close, and Duncan's were all holiday snaps of him and Alejandro in Spain. I guess we'll never know why they couldn't actually make it...

- Ron the Intern[3]

(fake Fresh TV blog)

CreeperGav ·October 11th, 2017

Is that literally a thing? I swear please no...[4]

Example/Notable Fanac

Some fans have attempted to write out the fake season.

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