Time Shall Not Mend

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Title: Time Shall Not Mend
Publisher: Shoes for Industry
Author(s): A.J. Hall
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2002
Series?: yes
Medium: e-zine fanfic
Fandom: Harry Potter/Vorkosigan
Language: English
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cover of Time Shall Not Mend, Russ Baldwin

Time Shall Not Mend is one in the LoPiverse series of Harry Potter slash fanfic e-books by the author A.J. Hall. It is a crossover between HP and the Vorkosigan universe.

Summary from the author: "A thousand years away and half across the galaxy a bereaved young woman stalks through a cocktail party thinking: "Anywhere but here". Meanwhile, back on Earth and in the dying days of the struggle against Voldemort a plague has been unleashed on the wizarding community. A potion to cure it exists - but a crucial ingredient is a plant which grows only on a remote mountain in Scotland. And that mountain has an almost impenetrable defence around it. Worlds are about to collide. Time Shall Not Mend is a cross-over between the Harry Potterverse and the Vorkosigan novels of Lois McMaster Bujold. No profit is being made, and no infringement of rights intended, by this work. This work was conceived as a birthday tribute to E.H. Smith, whose trilogy Marks and Scars, Without Enchantment, and No Great Magic first crossed the Vorkosiverse with the Potterverse, to stunning effect."

The main Vorkosigan character is Ekaterin Vorsoisson Vorkosigan.

Zines in the series:

  • Ships that Pass A piece of the back-story to Lust Over Pendle. Set in March/April 1998.
  • Time Shall Not Mend Chapter One early May, 1998
  • Not a Whisper Late May,1998
  • Time Shall Not Mend Chapters 2-5 (early June 1998 from Draco's perspective and something like 3175 AD from Ekaterin's point of view)
  • Lust Over Pendle October 1998-late August 1999 with most of the action taking place between 9-13 August 1999
  • Dissipation and Despair Sequel to Lust Over Pendle, set in February and March 2001
  • The Perilous Point Set in June 2003
  • The Kindly Ones Set in June 2005

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Conceived as a birthday tribute to E.H. Smith, this crossover is action-packed and entertaining. This series of stories features Ekaterin and Draco as the main characters, although many of the Vorkosigan 'verse characters appear. (Raveninthewind at Crack Van[1])
[with Marks and Scars & sequels] Two Harry Potter crossovers, which were the stories that introduced me to Bujold in the first place. AJH's prose in particular is spectacular (I love Gregor's use of the 'For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground...' line), but they're all very good. (Philomytha)[2]


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