Marks and Scars

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Title: Marks and Scars
Author(s): E H Smith
Date(s): 28 October 2001
Length: 8177 words
Genre: crossover, gen
Fandom: Harry Potter, Vorkosigan
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Marks and Scars is a crossover between the Harry Potter and Vorkosigan universes by E H Smith, in which Severus Snape meets Mark Vorkosigan at Hogwarts. The author's summary is:

In which two of the most intriguing characters from the works of J.K. Rowling and Lois McMaster Bujold meet for tea and, eventually, sympathy. A meeting between these characters is certainly something their respective authors would never have anticipated, but their worlds turn out to be oddly congruent. Takes place during the spring of Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts (not that Harry figures in this story in any but the most peripheral way) and, from the Bujoldian point of view, during KOMARR.

One of the earliest crossovers published in the Vorkosiverse and the first to cross it with the HP universe, 'Marks and Scars' inspired stories in AJ Hall's Lust Over Pendle universe, particularly Time Shall Not Mend; AJ Hall writes:

This work [Time Shall Not Mend] was conceived as a birthday tribute to E.H. Smith, whose trilogy Marks and Scars, Without Enchantment, and No Great Magic first crossed the Vorkosiverse with the Potterverse, to stunning effect. (AJ Hall)[1]

The story is sometimes used to introduce HP fans to the Vorkosiverse. For example, prolific Bujold fanwriter Philomytha credits it (with 'Time Shall Not Mend') with introducing her to Bujold.[2]

There are two chaptered sequels, Without Enchantment (2001) and No Great Magic (2002).

Recs and Reviews

It has been recommended at Crack_Van[3] and by Templum Bellonae,[4] Philomytha[2] Melannen,[5] The RCK[6] and others.

This is an HP/Vorkosigan crossover, a trilogy of stories that deftly captures the flavor of both author voices, in addition to re-creting the mixture of humor and serious themes. (Raveninthewind at Crack_Van)[3]


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