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Name: Philomytha
Alias(es): Blaise
Type: author
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Honor Harrington, Rivers of London, Sharing Knife, Vorkosigan Saga
URL: on Livejournal, on dreamwidth, on, on AO3
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Philomytha published her first fanfic online in 2000. Since then she has been a very prolific writer and also occasionally recs stuff. She first became known for writing many excellent Vorkosigan Saga fic, where she is particularly known for her portrayal of Simon Illyan and his relationship with Aral Vorkosigan, as well as the now-canonical ship Alys/Simon. Recently, her Rivers of London stories have also been widely recommended.

She gives blanket permission to transform her works.[1]


(In reply to a question about the best Vorkosigan fics):The secret answer to your question is Philomytha's entire back catalog; seriously, go look at Philomytha's page on AO3. Sorting by word count is a pretty good way to find most of her more serious work, but she's got a lot of devastating short stuff mixed in with some (always well-characterized!) comment-fic fluff on the shorter side as well.
+100000000 on Philomytha. I kept thinking of fics I liked and then realizing they were all hers. [2]
Philomytha is quite possibly the single best person writing Vorkosigan fanfic at this time. She writes a lot of filling-in-the-corners stories -- aftermaths, missing scenes, things you always wondered about, especially with characters off the main axis. Her feel for voices and characterization is flawless; a number of her stories are now in my personal head-canon for the series. She also writes AU Vorkosigan stories, which tend to be equally well-realized explorations of how things would work if something in canon had gone differently. (stardreamer at Fancake)[3]

Some Fanworks

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Rivers of London

Sharing Knife



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