Queer As Scent

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Title: Queer As Scent
Publisher: Shoes for Industry
Author(s): A.J. Hall
Cover Artist(s): Russ (at www.shoesforindustry.net)
Series?: yes
Medium: e-zine
Genre: het
Fandom: Harry Potter
Language: English
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cover of Queer As Scent, Russ Baldwin

Queer As Scent is one in a series of Harry Potter fanfic e-books by the author A.J. Hall collectively referred to as the LoPiverse. Although the Lopiverse is predominantly a slash series, this work is het, focussing on the early married life of both the Malfoys and the Potters, during the respective pregnancies of Narcissa and Lily.

Summary from the author: "Early married life traditionally has its fair share of surprises, and everyone - from the house elves to the Dark Lord - seems to have an opinion about what would be best for the as-yet-unborn heir to the Manor - irrespective of his mother's wishes in the matter. But nausea, an infestation of demons, the dinner party from Hell and even the intervention of the Uppercross and Cerne Vale Hunt aren't going to get between Narcissa and what she wants out of life. And she's just about to meet someone with an even stronger survival instinct. A shaggy fox story for Christmas.."

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