Time Distort (Blake's 7 and Doctor Who fiction zine)

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Title: Time Distort
Publisher: Space Command Press (Scorpio club), then later Fantasea Press
Editor(s): Cherry Steffey and Nancy Kolar
Date(s): 1983
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Blake's 7 and Doctor Who
Language: English
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Time Distort is a gen Blake's 7 and Doctor Who anthology of fiction, filk, poetry, and art.

There were two issues.

Reactions and Reviews

Someone mentioned the Servalan story by Emma Abraham-- here it is. IMO it's the standout story of the zine.

This zine has terrific art, as you'd expect since one editor is an artist. I especially like the portfolio of Servalan's men in #1.

There was also a smut zine from the same group, Forbidden Zone. [1]

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1, Nancy Kolar
back cover of issue #1, Deb Walsh

Time Distort 1 was published in 1983 and contains 99 pages.

It contains Blake's 7 and Doctor Who (the Fourth Doctor).

The art is by Nancy Kolar (front cover), Deb Walsh (back cover), Cheryl Whitfield Duval, Paulie, Laurie Farkas, Cherry Steffey, Robin Carlinetti.

  • Dedication (2)
  • Editorial, Cherry Steffy and Nancy Kolar (3)
  • Crystal Ann Taylor, "At the Side of a Cliff" (B7 poetry) (4)
  • Blake, a sort of vignette or humorous interlude, takes up half the page (B7 fiction) (28)
  • A Parting of Friends by Laurie Farkas (B7 poetry) (29)
  • The Final Act... of Love by Nancy E. Kolar (B7 poetry) (30)
  • Conspiracy by Cherry Steffey, (B7 fiction) (32)
  • Admission by Laurie Farkas (B7 poetry) (42)
  • Servalan's Personal Portfolio by Nancy E. Kolar (43)
  • I Wonder Where's the Doctor Tonight by Bud Hanzel (filk, I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight") (Doctor Who) (53)
  • Doctor Who and the Uncivil War by [Kathryn Sullivan]] (Doctor Who fiction) (54)
  • Doctor Who Commercial Medley by Renee (Arwen) Alper & Miaxime Berkowitz (filks of assorted commercials) (Doctor Who) (84)
  • Surviving by Cherry Steffey (B7 fiction) (86)
  • A Poem for Avon by Joyce Kreuz (B7 poetry) (87)
  • The Word of a Man by Robin Carlinetti (B7 fiction) (88)
  • Blake's 7 Theme by Bud Hanzel (filk, Monkees theme) (B7 poetry) (93)
  • With No Rest or Reward by Crystal Ann Taylor (B7 poetry) (94)
  • Vila's Theme by Bud Hanzel (filk, Lola) (B7 poetry) (96)
  • Scorpio club ad

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Nancy Kolar
back cover of issue #2, Nancy Kolar, portrait of Bayban

Time Distort 2 was published in 1983 and contains 162 pages. The art is by Nancy Kolar (front and back cover), Cheryl Whitfield-Duval, Phred, Sheila Willis, Deb Walsh, Jane Fancher, Pat Cash, Tom Grewe, Laurie Farkas, T.J. Burnside.

This issue is dedicated to Colin Baker:

For the flash of Bayban
the sparkle of the Doctor,
and most of all, for the
mischievous twinkle in the
eye that makes him Colin.
  • Dedication (1)
  • Table of Contents (2)
  • Editorial by Cherry Steffy and Nancy Kolar (4)
  • C.C.M., fiction by Nabby Lee (S1; humor) (5)
  • Bleed No More in Silence, poem by Crystal Ann Taylor (8)
  • Power Became My Lover, fiction by Debbie Sears (prequel to stories by Emma Abraham) (10)
  • He Smiled, poem by Laurie Farkas (21)
  • Cally's Requiem" (original song, with music) by JoLynn Horvath (22)
  • Within Reason Of Course, fiction by Sheila Paulson (24)
  • Why, Blake?, poem by John Mead (26)
  • Fool, poem by Esther Reese (27)
  • An End and a Beginning, fiction by Emma L. Abraham (sequel to "Shattered Phoenix" in B7 Complex #13) (28)
  • Clone Blake 1, Servalan 0, poem by John Mead (95)
  • What Lies Inside, poem by Crystal Ann Taylor (96)
  • The Gallows Foot and After, fiction by Nabby Lee (98)
  • The Rally" (filk, On and On and On, by Abba) by JoLynn Horvath (103)
  • Point of Contact, poem by Crystal Ann Taylor (104)
  • Birds of a Feather, fiction by Nikki White (Star Wars crossover, reprinted from Centero) (106)
  • Blake's Surprise, fiction by Heather Lulham (winning contest entry; refers to "Conspiracy" in #1) (113)
  • Deja Vu, fiction by Sheila Paulson (114)
  • Limerick by Leman Yuen (128)
  • Reunion, poem by Nancy E. Kolar (129)
  • End Game, fiction by Crystal Ann Taylor (130)
  • Til Death Do Us Part, poem by Virginia Turpin (135)
  • The Shape of Tomorrow in a Few Moments of Time, poem by Crystal Ann Taylor (136)
  • Tempt Not the Gods, fiction by Kathy Hintze (138)


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