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Name: TiMER
Creator: Jac Schaeffer
Date(s): 2009
Medium: Live-Action film
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Official Site, TiMER on Wikipedia
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TiMER is a romantic comedy film starring Emma Caulfield dealing with soulmates.


In the film, TiMER is a corporation specializing in a matchmaking device. For a nominal monthly fee, the company can equip anyone with a timer that counts down to the point that the customer meets his or her soulmate.

The film focuses on Oona, a LA orthodontist, who has a blank timer - meaning her soulmate is not equipped with one yet. After another bout of disappointment when bringing a boyfriend to get a timer installed and realizing that he wasn't matched with her, Oona is losing hope in finding her soulmate.


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Although the fandom for the actual movie is quite small, the actual idea behind it - soulmates and a special device to find them is quite popular. It sparked a great number of Timer related Alternate Universes (see below).

Timer AU

A Timer AU, also known as Soulmate-Identifying Timers, is becoming quite popular in the Soulmate AUs since the release of the film. Although the type of Soulmate AU is popular in more supernatural/comic book related, such as Marvel Cinematic Universe and Teen Wolf, it has also been used in RPF such as One Direction.


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