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The second WOAD collection was released in 2004 on 3 DVDs packaged together with booklets, covers, and custom labels. The disks were not themed this time, but rather vids were grouped for variety and presentation pacing. Destina, sisabet, and dr. dawn joined the original WOADies, along with several other partners in crime. Killa designed the intros and menus, as well as an easter egg. The second disk contained:

Razzle Dazzle Star Trek: TOS T. Jonesy, Killa, and hafital T. Jonesy: I thought this was a good idea at the time. After the twentieth hour of editing, I wasn’t so sure anymore. Except for “Swinging on a Star” I can’t remember the last time I hated working on a vid so much. Hafital saved the day by viewing the sequence we had with an unjaundiced eye. Bless you, hafital.

Killa: Twentieth hour? You forgot that we already had this vid 2/3rds finished before I ever got to your house!

Because we hadn’t learned our lesson with “Swingin’ on a Star,” we decided to try this one. Four minutes of loooooong slow lines, repetition, and schmooze. Thank goodness hafital came in at the eleventh hour and lent her eyes and sanity, because I think we were about to throw the computer across the room. If it was funny when we were finished, we’re glad, but I think neither of us ever wants to see this vid again; on the other hand, I think it does prove the old adage that if you don’t really know what you’re doing? Just hit ’em with your ass.
No More Sad Songs Stargate Destina While I was listening to this song in the car on the way to work, the entire vid landed fully formed in my head. I listened to it two or three more times and could literally see the whole story laid out before me in my mind’s eye, like a movie. It took two evenings’ work from brainstorm to completion, about ten hours of extended vid farr, including capturing and laying clips. I then spent a few weeks tweaking timing, replacing clips that didn’t quite work, etc. I’ve never had such a clear, unwavering vision of how to tell a story with a song. The character of Jack O’Neill matched himself up with the song somewhere in my hind brain and didn’t let go until the vid was done. It was unfortunate that the choruses couldn’t quite line up with the subject material. When I started to capture clips for the vid, I realized I wouldn’t be able to use happy shots throughout as literal illustrations to ‘no more sad songs’. There are very few overtly happy moments for the team in Stargate, and there weren’t enough shots to construct the vid that way. It’s not a happy show. *g* Eventually, as I tweaked things around, I settled on a ‘reveal’ strategy where Jack could have a happy ending, with Daniel, and the last chorus could provide the payoff. The first few choruses then became illustrations of the kind of pain Jack could do without.
The Shadow Robin of Sherwood Melina Be careful of telling Jessica what fandom you’re thinking of vidding—she will suggest a song that will eat your brain until the vid is finished. Half-eaten brain notwithstanding, I’m profoundly grateful to her for suggesting this beautiful song. Revisiting this fandom was truly a pleasure.
Evil Angel Angel Luminosity I hadn’t seen a Darla vid when I made this one. The operative word for this vid is “despair.” What drew me like moth to flame to the romance between Darla and Angel was its hopelessness. There was no way it was going to end well, and when Darla realized it, it was heartbreaking. She was truly a tragic figure in the show, and while I was making this vid, I felt that she and Angel were my OTP, and Buffy was Rebound Girl. Undead Evil notwithstanding, of course. 9{ Steaming version avaiable at the Critical Commons])
Mack the Knife Highlander Killa This was actually the first vid I made, back in 1999. It wasn’t that funny, due mainly to the fact that I didn’t use enough clips, and I certainly didn’t have timing down well enough to try a swing song like this. Luckily, a very kind but honest friend let me know it wasn’t quite the work of genius I thought it was, so I put it aside. I went back to it some 20 or 25 vids later, and this time I was able to salvage the good stuff from the first version and pick up the pace a bit.
Electricity, Electricity Stargate Carol S Why do it? Because it would be fun, silly and above all, easy and after a series of long hard fights with vids easy was sounding particularly good.
Essence (streaming version available via the Internet Archive) Buffy sisabet Spike and Buffy, together—well, it is a train wreck. I tried to examine one of the derailed cars.
Hornblower Hornblower Killa I waffled a lot about whether using Scottish music for the British navy (and army) would wash, and whether I could even bring myself, in good conscience, to go through with it. No matter how many times I put the idea aside, it kept surfacing, so I finally decided to go ahead with it, though I knew it wouldn’t work for everybody. I cut three pieces of Clandestine music together to make a kind of triptych, and tried to get time in for all the characters, though Bush did get short shrift. In addition to being a great exercise in learning to edit music... things blow up! And since the drummer for Clandestine used to work in demolitions, I think this has a certain symmetry.
Rite of Passage Stargate Destina This was the first vid I ever attempted on my own. The first time I heard the song, I was struck by how perfectly it seemed to line up with the stages of Skaara’s life, and I decided I was brave enough to give the vid a shot. Lots of trial and error produced a surprisingly cohesive vid, even with the many visible rookie mistakes I made.
Southwest Voodoo Buffy Luminosity Luminosity: What can I say? My daughter, who made the vid with me, gave me this song for Willow during Season 5. After Willow went after Glory, we knew she was going to snap. We waited, and we were rewarded with Darth!Willow at the end of Season 6. I used a lot of odd transitional effects in this vid, but I believe that the structure and visual sense of the vid carried them well.
Bawitdaba The Shield Melina Welcome to The Shield, the home of the most fucked up characters on television (at least since La Femme Nikita went off the air.) Vic Mackey is a seductively evil character, and I hope this vid conveys a bit of his split personality and captures some of the energy of this show’s first season. No, I never thought I’d vid Kid Rock either. Go figure.
Family Tradition Buffy sisabet and dr. dawn Again, Dawn’s idea. Spike is Hank Williams, Jr. I wonder who that makes ol’ Hank, Sr.?
Johnny, Are You Queer? Stargate Carol S I admit it. I just don’t see sparks between Sam and Jack. Maybe this is why.
Little Brother Queer As Folk (UK) Killa I think I’d been toying with this one for about a year when I joined the Yuletide secret Santa story project online, and was lucky enough to get a fantastic Queer As Folk story from Cesca. It filled me with love for these guys, and I just had to express it somehow. This vid was the result. The POV of the song was really a challenge, particularly as I knew who “seventeen and six foot two” had to be, and the pronouns were all over the place. I hope that it comes together for viewers who can’t read my mind and know what I was trying to say. It helps that it’s a kickass song that happens to sound just like QAF looks.
66 Queer As Folk (US) sisabet and dr. dawn sisabet: this is the schmoopiest I will ever, ever be. I was overtaken by the cuteness of Brian and Justin and was held powerless in their sway. Brian needs something from Justin and emotional fuckwit that he is, he is unable to articulate or even know what that is.
I’m the Girl Highlander Killa This song was a gimme. Of course I love Amanda; of course this was her song. The only difficulty came in when Melina suggested Carmen Sandiego to me when I was about halfway done with this one-and I decided to make it a challenge to myself not to duplicate clips between the two. This decision also prompted me to cut out the repetitions in the chorus, which I think tightens the whole thing up, and in the end, I think there were two shared clips between the two vids. I’m quite pleased with this one, because it says exactly and everything I wanted to say about Amanda. Plus, Amandaslash!
Release Stargate Carol S This song captured both what Daniel seemed to want to say to the others on his ascension and what I what I wanted to say to the fandom as whole.
Putting Out Fire Angel Luminosity Angel overreacts. And look what happens!
Salome Xena Killa Lum discovered this album and sent me this song one day, saying, “I don’t know why, but this song says Xena to me.” I loved the song, but thinking about Xena and Gabrielle with it just didn’t compute. I put it into my playlist anyway, just because, and a month or two later it just hit me like lightning to the head—oh! It’s Ares. Then I remembered this story I’d read by Thamiris called Vibrations of a Bell. I went and read the story again, and became a crazy person, in spite of the fact that my Xena source tapes were godawful. The moral of the tale? Always, always listen to Lum.
Rope on Fire Stargate Destina “Rope On Fire” was made for the VividCon 2003 Vid Challenge; the theme was ‘dreams’. I tried to create a portrait of Daniel and Teal’c’s relationship with an ambiguous point of view. This was the first vid where I paid some attention to color palette (the gold, tans and browns of the show lend themselves to the candlelight that binds the vid thematically) and also the first vid where I edited a scene for effect (Teal’c dropping to one knee was bookended around the image of Daniel and Sha’re on the ground).
Just Like You Highlander Luminosity Carol S. sent this song to me, and suggested that it could work for Duncan and Methos. I think it did.
The Other Side Buffy Luminosity I wanted to make a suitable elegy for Spike, and also mourn the end of Buffy the show. When I heard “The Other Side” about three months before the end of the season, I knew it would work for just about any ending for Spike, but I’m glad they let him go out a broken-hearted hero.
Closer Star Trek: TOS T. Jonesy and Killa T. Jonesy: I always thought this was the perfect Pon Farr song (don’tcha just love how the fan mind works?) Of course, I thought this was a very original idea at the time. I had no idea that every fandom has its “Closer” vid. All the cool visual effects and transitions are due to Killa’s tenacious assault on Final Cut Pro. It’s amazing what you can make a program do if you’re utterly brilliant. Originally we were going to end this with Spock killing Kirk on the sands of Vulcan like he did in the series, but when we started capturing stuff, I was looking at a sequence from an episode where Kirk almost rapes somebody and there were these shots of him skulking down corridors with a bleeding face and hand. If you look at the images out of context, it looks like Kirk’s actually the victim. I called Killa, and said “you know what? I think we can actually do a full on rape here.” So we did. Whee!

Killa: T. Jonesy is sick and twisted. And it’s contagious. Oh, yeah, and we ripped off the credits from Seven, too.
So Real Angel Luminosity I made this vid for the VividCon Dream Challenge in 2003. I had been fretting about doing a vid for the challenge until some time in late June when my daughter suggested this song. The set up was already there in Angel the Series, with the mind-wipe at the end of Season 4. I felt that the only time I could make a vid like this and not have the canon of the show toss me out was right then, between Seasons 4 and 5. (streaming version at Critical Commons). In 2004, renenet analyzed the vid "So Real" - vid analysis, Archived version; on vids: hesychasm, Archived version
Epic Queer As Folk (US) sisabet Justin is feeling a bit disenfranchised right now.
Temporary Heroes Buffyverse Jackie K. An elegy for those who fell in the fight against evil.
Layla (instrumental) Star Trek: TOS T. Jonesy I always get misty eyed when I see those movie montages during the Oscar broadcast and I wanted to try my hand at one. This particular piece of music has always been a favorite and every time I’d hear it, I’d see pieces of Trek I thought would fit nicely. I don’t have to tell anyone who’s ever vidded that none of those pieces I saw in my head actually worked . It was a great learning experience, plus I had the queen of effective instrumental vids (Killa) telling me what was crap along the way. I’m glad I actually finished it and I’m amazed I still enjoy listening to this song. (Now a note for all you purists out there: Yes, this song is really by Derek and the Dominos, but we all know that Derek is Eric, don’t we? Besides, if I had put “by: Derek and the Dominos” everyone would be saying, “No, that song is by Eric Clapton.” This is what you call a Kobayashi Maru. What do you think of my solution?)