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Title: 66
Creator: Sisabet and Dr Dawn
Date: 2004
Format: Windows Media Player
Length: 3:28m
Music: "66" by Afghan Whigs
Fandom: Queer As Folk (US)
URL: streaming at the Internet Archive

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66 is a Queer As Folk (US) fan vid by Sisabet and Dr Dawn. It premiered at Vividcon 2004.

Vidder's notes: this is the schmoopiest I will ever, ever be. I was overtaken by the cuteness of Brian and Justin and was held powerless in their sway. Brian needs something from Justin and emotional fuckwit that he is, he is unable to articulate or even know what that is.


"For my first rec, I'm going to go with a fandom classic. I think that this is one of the first videos that I'd recommend to anyone new to Queer as Folk vidders. It's by sisabet who has two previous selections here. It really encompasses Brian and Justin from Season 1 through Season 3 with the lyrics set to the appropriate clips. One of the lines is, "Tell me baby can you shake it?" And we have Justin from the King of Babylon contest, swinging his hips perfect in time with the beat of the song. It's a Brian POV video, expressing his feelings (as the viewer sees him) through the song lyrics. It has to be seen to describe how well it suits him. It's one of my favorites from one of the best that fandom had to offer."[1]


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