The Rat, The Fox, and some glitter

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Rat, The Fox, and some glitter
Author: Sarah
Dates: 2000 or before - ?
Fandom: X-Files, Once a Thief, Velvet Goldmine, Sentinel
URL: (Wayback link) (old link)
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The Rat, The Fox, and some glitter was a personal slash fanfiction site.

Warning: These pages contain sexual relations between men. If this offends you, or you are underage,

please turn back now. The beautiful X-files and Once A Thief pics on this page doesn't belong to me, but to the

wonderful Ned and Leny aka Theban Band, as do the pics on my X-files and OAT fiction pages. E-mail them and let them know how great there work is.

The site featured Sarah's slash fanfiction (XF, OaT, VG), a slashy picture gallery, a Nick Lea gallery, a David Duchovny gallery, actress galleries, The Sandburg Zone and links to some of site owner's favorite authors. It also had a page for webrings and linking banners.


The Rat, The Fox, and some glitter.png

~~Steady as it've said it all. So maybe we're the bliss of another kind~~Tori Amos-Bliss "Heart and Shoulder"- My first X-files story. Alex finds Fox at a bar..

"Fox and Alex: 1 year" written for an overly schmoopy challenge.

"Halloween Treats" Written for a Holiday Challenge.

"Nothing Heals Me Like You Do" The boys discuss the place they are driving back from.. and a secret is revealed.

"Love Would Be My Downfall"-Angst

"You Only Live Once" Ter/ma June personal ad challenge story

"Tangled Web" written for the July Ter/ma pic challenge

"Found in San Francisco" Sequel to Hephaestion's story: Hiding in San Francisco

"Those Early Morning Hours" Mulder has some early morning thoughts..

"Meeting Alex Krycek" Written with little Alex for the Ter/ma Round Robin Challenge

Emotions Series

"Fighting Desire" Mulder encounters Alex Krycek in his office..

"Facing Emotions" Alex shows up at Mulder's apartment on Friday as planned, events ensue ..

"Adapting" Mulder comes home after the events in "Drive" calls Alex..things happen..

"Comfort" Mulder and Krycek celebrate Christmas together.

"Betrayals and Forgiveness" Takes place after SR819, Mulder is decieved and hurting..*angst*


Fool for Love series

"A Fool for Love" Fox Mulder meets a man at Oxford who causes him to act on feelings he's had for a while

"Summer of '79" Prequel to 'A Fool for Love' Mulder's experience with his childhood friend Chris Rawls. Pre Homicide/Pre XF X-over

"Crash and Burn" Mulder/Krycek-Set during Sleepless/Duane Barry and Ascension.

"You're Not Alone" After the events in "Closure" Mulder goes on vacation from work and ends up meeting Chris Rawls again for the first time in almost twenty years.

Once a Thief

"Words Are Everything"-Sometimes words are all you need...

"Hockey Night"-Vic drags make to a hockey game. sequel to "Words Are Everything"

"Things Are Looking Up"-Prequel to the above OAT stories..You can read it before or after the others..doesn't matter. Summary: How they became lovers. Takes place after the ep "Trial Marriage"

"Jaded By Jealousy"-After the events in the episode "Li Ann's Choice" the boys have a talk. Part 4 in the series.

  • The Need series*
  • ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

"Wanting"- Vic thinks about Mac and does some wanting..

"Getting"-Takes place where Wanting left off..

  • Not Quite a Stranger series*

"Not Quite A Stranger"-Cory Raines meets Mac Ramsey at a bar. PWP "Desires Claimed"-We learn that Victor is not as far out of Mac's reach as he thought..

"A Second Chance"-A tragedy finds Mac living in D.C. where he meets Mulder..

  • Once a Thief Stand alone stories*

"Quality Time"-The Director wants her boys to get along...

Velvet Goldmine

"I Got What I Wished For" Curt/Brian

"I lost What I Had" sequel to "I got what I wished for"Curt/Brian

"Mangling Your Mind"

"I Will Be Your Dream" Curt's thoughts while writing a song

Prettyboyfanfic Challenge Stories

"Put Out the Torches" Funeral Challenge

"Be My Glitterboy" Nail polish challenge

"Hot and *Wild*" Smut Challenge


Click here to go to the page featuring my AU Velvet Goldmine series called "Getting to Know You", where Mandy is not around and there is plenty of fun when Brian and Curt's nephews meet each other.

Velvet Goldmine/Trainspotting X-over Fiction featuring Curt Wild and Mark Renton.

OZ fiction featuring Ryan O'Reilly(Dean Winters) and Sean Murphy(Robert Clohessy). So far just one story. Not sure how many more stories will be in this section,if any.

Fiction from the book Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite, featuring the characters Steve and Ghost. One story.

Fiction from Dawson's Creek featuring the Jack McPhee(Kerr Smith) and Ethan Brody(Adam Kaufman)

Fiction from the film Reservoir Dogs featuring Mr. White(Harvey Kietel) and Mr. Orange(Tim Roth) One story.

Fiction from the film I Think I Do featuring Bob(Alexis Arquette) and Brendan(Christian Maelen) One story.

Fiction from the film Go featuring Adam(Scott Wolf) and Zack(Jay Mohr) One story.

Fiction from The Sentinel Jim Ellison(Richard Burgi) and Blair Sandburg(Garett Maggart) One story.

Fiction from the book Drawing Blood by Poppy Z. Brite, featuring the characters Zach and Trevor. One story.

Original F/F fiction.

Fiction from the movie Almost Famous featuring Russell Hammond(Billy Crudip) and Jeff Bebe(Jason Lee) One story will be posted when completed.