The Orville

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Name: The Orville
Creator: Seth MacFarlane
Date(s): September 10, 2017 – present
Medium: TV Series
Country of Origin: United States
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The Orville is a Fox science fiction/comedy-drama television series. The television series was inspired by Star Trek.


Seth MacFarlane stars as Ed Mercer, an officer in the Planetary Union's line of exploratory space vessels whose career took a downturn following his divorce, and who is given the titular ship as his first command, only to discover that his ex-wife, Kelly Grayson (Adrianne Palicki), has been assigned to be his First Officer. The series tells the story of Mercer, Grayson, and the crew of the Orville as they embark on various diplomatic and exploratory missions.

Main Characters


The Orville received mixed reviews from its viewers, while many are were skeptical of the series being an actual spoof/parody[1][2] of Star Trek especially at the same time Star Trek: Discovery was released, some compared it to "fanfiction"[3] and the series' similarities with Star Trek. Others praise its differences from the new Star Trek TV series and the comedic relief the series provides as well as the serious issues it tackled within the first few episodes (same sex relationships, transgender, genders, differences in culture, religion, racism).

Fanworks appeared nearly immediately following the pilot episode - fanfiction appearing on Archive of Our Own, fanart and gifsets on Tumblr.


Since the first episode various pairings have appeared within the fandom: Ed/Kelly ("Mercson"), Ed/Alara, Bortus/Klyden, Kelly/Alara, Ed/Pria and Gordon/Alara.

Connections with Other Fandoms

Besides the various noticeable similarities/parallels with Star Trek universe, the series has several actor/staff connections to Star Trek; Penny Johnson Jerald (Kasidy Yates on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) plays Doctor Claire Finn and fellow Star Trek alumni Brannon Braga, Robert Duncan McNeill, David A. Goodman, James Conway and Jonathan Frakes are involved behind the scenes.




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