The Muse's Bitch

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Title: The Muse's Bitch
Creator: Clio
Date(s): 2001?
Medium: online
Fandom: multi
Topic: writing fanfiction
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The Muse's Bitch is an essay by Clio at Slash Sluts.

In it, the author discusses pairings and fiction writing.

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I myself have never been stupid enough to think that the Muses who deign to help me with my stories belong to I and I alone. Heaven forbid. I've never been stupid enough to think that. If I did I think they might punish me for it. My Muses are like that. They come from the 'Beat me, whip me, spank me' school of thought. Which I admit I need. They push like hell and I do what they tell me to. Like a good little bitch.
So I'm endeavoring here, with much push from the Muses, to give a little description of my relationship with my crosses to bear. I mean Muses. Oh, shut up ladies the Jim Muse thought it was funny. He of all the Muses who help me is the one with the good sense of humor. Who would have guessed it. He's calmed them down now...some anyway. This article came about when I was whining the other day about not having a Due South Muse. Remind me to never do that again gals. Never again. Whining is bad. After that experience, which I'll tell you about later, I have made a big mental note never to whine at the Muses again. It's a bad thing. Trust me on this. First why don't I introduce you to my Muses. I've got Muses for about 5 characters or pairings overall.