The Mandalorian, his son and the Storm Trooper

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Title: The Mandalorian, his son and the Storm Trooper
Author(s): LadyIrina (writing)
cac0daemonia (illustration)
Date(s): 26 Nov 2019
Length: 12 works, ~483,000 words
Genre: Science fantasy
M/M romance
Fandom: Star Wars, The Mandalorian
External Links: Archive of our Own
It's Me. I'm Back. by cac0daemonia (2020)

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The Mandalorian, his son and the Storm Trooper is an ongoing Star Wars fanfiction series on Archive of Our Own, written by LadyIrina and illustrated by Cac0daemonia. The main focus is the relationship between Din Djarin (the main character of the Star Wars show The Mandalorian), and an original character named Corin Valentis. The series generally aligns with The Mandalorian's first season, with some alternate universe elements. As of September 2022, the series consists of twelve works totaling over half a million words.[1]

The series is notable for being a popular series featuring an original character as one half of the main pairing. Many fans of the series have created fanworks set in the same universe, such as fanart, fanfiction, and other fanworks.

A common focus of fanworks is Mandorin, the pairing name of Din Djarin/Corin Valentis. By March 2020, four months after the premiere of The Mandalorian, Mandorin was included in the top 10 relationship tags for works created in The Mandalorian fandom tag on Archive of Our Own.[2] As of September 2022, there are 270 works with the relationship tag Corin the Stormtrooper (Rescue and Regret)/Din Djarin.[3]


The Mandalorian, his son and the Storm Trooper takes place in an alternate universe, referred to as "the Mandorin 'Verse" by fans, after the ship name of Corin Valentis and Din Djarin. Author LadyIrina describes the series as a romance in the series' description on AO3.

A Mandalorian and his newly adopted son takes in a lost Storm Trooper. This is a love story, yes, it is about love between two people, between family, between parent and child, between friends, between friends that become your family. It is about love giving you strength to overcome your past and not giving up when life tries to break you. It is about the absence of love and finding it again. It is about thinking you are unworthy of love and discovering just how beloved you are. This is a love story.


The plot loosely follows the same beats as the first season of The Mandalorian, but focuses on the romance between Din Djarin (the titular Mandalorian) and Corin Valentis (the titular Stormtrooper) as they try to protect Grogu. Events from the second season, such as the conflict over the Darksaber, the Nite Owls vs The Children of the Watch, and the appearance of Luke Skywalker have been incorporated into later works.

LadyIrina posted the first work in the series, Blood and Sand, on 26 November 2019, just over two weeks after the show premiered on Disney+. Blood and Sand was one of the first works posted to Archive of Our Own for The Mandalorian, and it remains one of the most popular of early fic posted to Archive of Our Own. LadyIrina followed up Blood and Sand with Ice and Luck a few days later on November 28.

Family and Home, Hidden and Revealed, and Time to Say Goodbye serve as the core of the series, with each work being over 100,000 words. Most of the other works are shorter, though of varying length. For example, in Mandorin One-shots, Alt POV and Side Character Background Stories, LadyIrina elaborates on the side characters and relationships in ways that couldn't be worked into the main plot. There are also several one-shot pieces that supplement the main series and one extended alternate universe series on LadyIrina's Tumblr.

Works in the series

Part # Published Title Summary
1 26 Nov 2019 Blood and Sand A violent battle leaves the Mandalorian badly injured and Baby Yoda vulnerable and alone. That is until a stranger decides to help. A look at a very unlikely duo through the eyes of someone else.
2 28 Nov 2019 Ice and Luck Shot down on an ice planet, the Mandalorian has to try to keep himself and, more importantly, his newly adopted son alive. A Snow Trooper stands between them and their escape. There is ice, danger and fluff ahead!
3 08 Dec 2019 Rescue and Regret After the incident on the ice planet, Storm Trooper CT-113 doesn't expect to see the Mandalorian and the child again. He's wrong. This time they get to save him.
4 25 Mar 2020 Family and Home The Mandalorian and his son are family, tied together by love and trust, determined to keep each other safe. Corin knows he's not a part of that, he's not that lucky, but that doesn't prevent him from wishing he was. And throughout it all, the trio travel through space; hunted and hunting others, followed by good and bad luck, looking for some place to call home.
5 11 Feb 2021 Touch and Taste Din gets permission to touch. Corin wants him to touch. So there is a lot of touching. Some tasting. And feelings.
6 08 Dec 2020 In the Past Four snippets from four different characters, all set at different moments in the past.
7 22 Aug 2021 Ner Aliit, Ner Kar’ta Din Djarin is trying to keep the child safe and mind his own business when he comes across a Storm Trooper called Corin. After that, things get a little complicated…
8 26 Nov 2020 Hidden and Revealed Din Djarin is trying to keep his family safe and together, but is that possible? Corin's roots emerges from the darkness, the child struggles to control the Force and friends pay the price of association. Forced from their home, old and new threats snapping at their heels, this is going to either break them or shape a different future together.
9 27 Jun 2022 Mandalorian One-shots and Alt POV The promised collection of one-shots from the Mandorin AU I have posted earlier on Tumblr, in random order, at random moments in time…
10 14 Jan 2021 Apart and Together Din and Corin aren't the only ones in the Mandorin AU who gets to have a little fun…
11 26 Jul 2020 Chained to Sorrow A large part of Corin's past and what made him the mess he is today...
12 25 Mar 2022 Time to Say Goodbye Over a year ago CT-113 was forced to his knees as he was about to be executed. Today Corin is a very different man, thanks to Din Djarin and their little Foundling and he's finally found his home with them. So things should be good, right? Unfortunately they still have to deal with an unknown fiancé, evil Hutts, people who will do whatever it takes to get the darksaber, and bad luck descending on their friends… Is there such a thing as a happy goodbye?

What if...?

What if...? is a spinoff alternate universe series from The Mandalorian, his son and the Storm Trooper. The series follows what would have occurred had Corin's mother Dulsissia not died when Corin was young, and instead escaped from their home planet of Seswenna and was found by the Mandalorian teacher Davarax. It includes many of the characters from the original series such as Paz Vizla, Raga Saxon, and Zev'sonya Lee Lewna.

LadyIrina first posted What if...? on Tumblr, before adding it to Archive of Our Own.[4]


The Mandalorian, his son and the Storm Trooper has received a largely positive reception from readers.

There is a dedicated Discord server for fans of the series, where they can interact with each other and discuss the series, the Mandalorian TV show, fan art, and various other topics. A Tumblr post from March reported there were more than 200 members in the Discord Server.[5] Fandom members have noted that activity in the fandom of the series peaked in late 2019 and early 2020 when the majority of the works in the series were first created.

The creator LadyIrina is known to interact with readers and fans. She responds to comments on her works and is also active in the discord and on her Tumblr where several one-shots expanding on the series have been posted.

On 26 November 2020, fans celebrated the one-year anniversary of the series. Some fans jokingly dubbed the day "Mandorin Day".

Reactions & Reviews

I highly recommend you go read this fantastic series! Tons of other talented people are also making fics about Corin as well. THERE IS EVEN ART! Anyway, I based my design for Corin off of art by cac0daemonia on AO3 and a gif that LadyIrina posted on their Tumblr.[6]

Everything is good and fine with the trailer of the second season, but I was really await for Corin to appear! Like, good fanfiction DO this to you![7]

Many readers were drawn to the found family dynamic in LadyIrina's stories. In addition, when posting or sharing works inspired by this series, many fans had to explain who Corin or other original characters were to uninitiated readers.

Look, Mandorin can be prised from my cold dead hands and I hope, if nothing else, Corin gets to become canon so the avocado child can have his bounty hunter dad and his ex-stormtrooper dad.

Corin is an OC from LadyIrina's fucking bonkers amazing AU for mandalorian and I highly encourage a read of the whole series (mind the tags) [8]

This is a love story, yes, it is about love between two people, between family, between parent and child, between friends, between friends that become your family. It is about love giving you strength to overcome your past and not giving up when life tries to break you. It is about the absence of love and finding it again. It is about thinking you are unworthy of love and discovering just how beloved you are. This is a love story.[9]

Due to The Mandalorian, his son and the Storm Trooper's rise to prominence coinciding with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, some fans reported that the series helped them through difficult, uncertain periods in their lives.

The fandom within fandom that is the cluster of creators for the Mandalorian and LadyIrina's Corin is my failsafe source of joy in these apocalyptic times.

Along with their son, of course.[10]

I stumbled across @sulphuryasecretcloset's The Mandalorian, His Son, And The Stormtrooper last winter at a time when myself and my loved ones were going through and incredibly difficult period and the fic series and watching how lovely all of its fans were became my escape and safe haven. I found myself wanting for the first time in my life to actually participate in a fandom.[11]

A comment posted on Mandorin Day, 26 November 2020:


It’s been exactly 1 year since the start of @sulphuryasecretcloset‘s series “The Mandalorian, his Son, and the Stormtrooper” so I felt I had to celebrate it somehow! [...]

This series (and our discord server) have honestly kept me sane and afloat for all the bullshit 2020 has had to throw at us, and I’ve made friendships that I swear will be lifelong. I know you say that it’s all the fans who deserve the praise, but YOU, Irina, deserve it the most of all. Thank you for creating this wonderful little universe and allowing us all to play in it. Thank you for making such a compelling and complex character in Corin, and for all the intricacies of his relationship with Din and baby. Thank you for cultivating a community of growth, acceptance, and warmth among your fans. I’ve never experienced a fic quite like yours and I doubt I ever will again. You’re an icon.

Thank you.[12]


The Mandalorian, his son and the Storm Trooper has inspired many fans on Archive of Our Own and Tumblr to create fan art, fanfiction and other fanworks set in LadyIrina’s universe and incorporating her original characters. As of September 2022, there are over 300 works on Archive of Our Own with the Character tag Corin the Stormtrooper (Rescue and Regret), including the tag for the character Corin Valentis. Other character tags used by fans are CT-113, Corin (Rescue and Regret), or Corin (LadyIrina).

Most works tagged with Corin the Stormtrooper (Rescue and Regret) focus either on Din and Corin’s relationship or Corin’s backstory. Over 200 works have the relationship tag Corin the Stormtrooper (Rescue and Regret)/Din Djarin as of September 2022 on Archive Of Our Own. In addition, there are over forty works tagged with Corin the Stormtrooper (Rescue and Regret) that are over ten thousand words long on Archive of Our Own. Other side relationships in The Mandalorian, his son and the Storm Trooper, such as Paz Vizla/Raga and Zev’sonya/Leo “Leave-it” have also been explored in fanworks.

Another fanwork trend includes taking LadyIrina's characters and placing them in different alternate universes, including modern alternate universes. Several fans have created fanworks with their own alternate universes within the Mandorin 'Verse, such such as Mando v Aliens byby Militia or More Than Yesterday, Less Than Tomorrow by TricorderReadings.

A minor fandom trend is fancasting American actor Matt Bomer as Corin.

Related and Inspired Fanworks

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Archives & Links


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