The Hammond Affair

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Title: The Hammond Affair
Author(s): queensheep
Date(s): 25 December 2008
Length: 96,641 words
Genre: AU, het, slash
Fandom: bandom (Decaydance+, My Chemical Romance)
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The Hammond Affair is a 96,000-word bandom fusion/AU by queensheep, based around Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park novels. It features 10 pairings, both intra- and inter-band, het, slash, and a threesome.


Summary: A geneticist, a palaeontologist, an advertising executive, a geologist and a doctor all walk into a bar. Or rather, a tropical island. What do they all have in common?

queensheep on the fic idea:
"Initially, it was going to be a Jurassic Park re-write, but with more characters. I wanted to write something absolutely epic, with as many pairings and characters as possible, so that my flist - who've all been having a tough time of it lately - would have something to curl up with and enjoy. But then I got up to that scene where Pete tells Hammond's backstory, and it spiralled into being a continuation, instead of a re-write." [1]
queensheep on the process:
"I did just start writing! :D That's how I write all of my stories. I never have any idea how they're going to end up. (The exception to that is probably Golden Apples, where I worked from a fairytale frame.) So the story was as much an adventure for me as it was for you guys. I don't even think I had to go back and rework many scenes to fit in with what I wrote later; everything just fell into place, you might say. I think the only things I planned were the degrees of the staff and the positions of the Special Forces - and I only did the Special Forces once they arrived on the island!"


The following bands appear in whole or in part:




  • Butcher/Siska.
  • Gabe/Greta.
  • Gabe/Nate.
  • Marshall/Johnson.
  • Ryland/Suarez.

Response & Reviews

The Hammond Affair was chosen by bandomficclub as their story of the month for January 2009. queensheep participated in a Q&A about the story, and the community hosted a discussion.

More info and reviews coming soon!


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