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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Band Gazebo
Author: helsinkibaby (Jeanine)
Dates: last updated 09 December 2007
Fandom: Alias, The West Wing, CSI, CSI: Miami, Sports Night, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, NYPD Blue, 24, UC Undercover, Press Gang, Boomtown, Buffy, Veronica Mars, Jake 2.0, Fame, Without A Trace, Navy NCIS, Farscape, Others
The Band Gazebo.png
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The Band Gazebo is helsinkibaby's fanfiction site. It also has a links section and an awards page.

Description from seanachais:

I love Jeanine for her short, fluffy WAFFiness, which can take normal couples or, more often, completely UC couples, from almost any fandom and make them real and poignant. Her West Wing particularly rocks: Dark Horses is probably my favorite (a surprisingly lovely Sam/Carol series), but Novembers Past is good Toby/Ginger if you're in the mood, and Necklaces, Gifts and Names is just a kind of special WAFF. She also gives good Sweiss (Alias), plus Farscape, CSI and 12 other things.[1]


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