The Amazing Spider-Man 3: A Gay Fantasia on Superheroic Themes

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Title: The Amazing Spider-Man 3: A Gay Fantasia on Superheroic Themes
Author(s): Peyton (silkspectres)
Date(s): September 18, 2017
Length: 96 pages
Genre: M/M (Peter/MJ), post-canon
Fandom: The Amazing Spider-Man
External Links: Masterpost on The Niche, screenplay

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The Amazing Spider-Man 3: A Gay Fantasia on Superheroic Themes is an Amazing Spider-Man fanwork by silkspectres. It is also known as the "Bisexual Peter Parker Script" or simply "The Amazing Spider-Man 3." It is canon compliant with the two TASM films and is written in screenplay format as the third film of the franchise that never was.

In the story, as per Andrew Garfield's suggestion, MJ Watson is genderswapped and racebent, and should be imagined as Michael B. Jordan's likeness.

The masterpost for the work was published in the form of an article on The Niche, titled I Went Ahead and Wrote A Spider-Man Movie Where Peter Parker is Bisexual Because Life is Short and God Knows Nobody Else Was Going to Do It.

The title is a reference to Angels in America.

There has been a degree of controversy around TASM 3's author's statements about Andrew Garfield and the Spider-Man franchise. Peyton has been accused of starting conspiracy theories that Garfield's support of an LGBT Spider-Man led directly to his firing from the role, a view which can be seen in TASM 3's author notes. However, this controversy was not widely associated with the TASM 3 script.

Author Notes

Did you know that Andrew Garfield, the inventor of acting, once proposed a Spider-Man movie in which Peter Parker would be bisexual and Michael B. Jordan would play MJ? Did you know that he proposed this more than once?

Did you know that Sony and Marvel allegedly inked a legal licensing agreement in 2011 which contractually obligated all parties involved to portray Peter Parker as straight and white?

No? You didn’t know all that? Well, you do now. Welcome to my own personal hell. Andrew Garfield tried to deliver a bisexual Spider-Man unto us, and Sony and Marvel successfully conspired to screw us out of it.

Until a couple of weeks ago, I’d just resigned myself to the fact that we would never see the immaculate truth of a bisexual Peter Parker on the silver screen.

But then I was like, wait. I may not have the resources of a Hollywood film production studio. But I do have a word processor, a beating heart, and too much time on my hands.

So I just… went ahead and wrote a whole-ass, feature-length Spider-Man movie. Like, not a parody. Not a joke. A dead serious Spider-Man movie with a real plot and shit. In twelve days. [...]


The work is prefaced with a legal disclaimer:

I really, really don’t have the resources to get sued right now, so let me get this out of the way up top.

This is an unlicensed, unauthorized, and entirely non-commercial interpretive fanwork. It is also intended to be a piece of cultural criticism. I am not affiliated in any way with Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., nor with Marvel Entertainment LLC, nor with the Walt Disney Company.

Though a few characters in this script diverge significantly from their traditional depictions in Marvel and Sony canon, all characters depicted herein are the full property of their respective owners and creators.

Brief portions of “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White are quoted herein. I am not affiliated with the estate of E.B. White, nor do I claim ownership of his work.

A brief portion of “It’s Kind of A Funny Story” by Ned Vizzini is paraphrased herein. I am not affiliated with the estate of Ned Vizzini, nor do I claim ownership of his work.

A number of songs are mentioned in this script, and lyrics are quoted throughout, with the recording artist named each time. I know that this is not traditionally done in screenwriting, particularly not in the way that I’ve done it. But given that this screenplay will never be produced, I wanted to provide some sonic backing for various scenes.

I am not affiliated with any of the recording artists mentioned in this script. All lyrics are the full property of their respective authors and publishers. Andrew Garfield is due full credit for the concept of a Spider-Man movie featuring a bisexual Peter Parker and MJ as a male, African-American love interest. Andrew, buddy, this one’s for you. Please know that your efforts to make blockbuster cinema a more inclusive space were not in vain. It is indescribably meaningful to countless LGBT people, including myself, that you cared enough to try.

Kamala Khan, Harry Osborn, and Gwen Stacy are supporting characters, with Gwen appearing in flashbacks and visions after her canonical death in TASM 2.


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The author's post[1] for the work on their tumblr gained over 8.5k notes. Tumblr made the post a featured link[2]

Okay so I just read this in one sitting, which is a testament to how for this I was, because I procrastinate reading FAR too much (yaaaay executive dysfunction), and this is a VERY strong script, good social commentary, really cute relationship dynamic, acknowledgment of Garfield’s Jewish heritage in Peter, harrowing conflict, and a surprise guest…WHO SO SHOULD’VE BEEN ALLOWED TO BE HER SUPERHERO SELF DAMMIT, THERE WAS ROOM HERE! I’m not sure how I feel about how the climax went down, but let’s face it, that’s not what we’re here for, we’re here for Peter learning to love again with a charming black man version of MJ Watson.

So yeah, read it and weep with me if you please.[3]
You guys.

I accidentally read this all in one sitting. I drew a bath and when I started it was piping hot, by the end the water was lukewarm.

BECAUSE THIS WAS SO GOOD OMG this screenwriter, friend, you are so talented and I want this to be produced so badly it was INCREDIBLE, it’s better than every Spiderman of the last twenty years and it’s the film we need as a generation of LGBT fans, who believe that Black Lives Matter, Muslim Lives Matter, Jewish Lives Matter my God you packed it all in so organically, the flow was sublime - - - -

–spoilers for those who haven’t read it yet

Nobody who loved Gwen and Peter could fault this because you treated their relationship so beautifully with such deserving reverence, that Peter and MJ’s shared grief and support over their losses, naturally bloomed into a friendship and admiration that most of us can only dream of as the root of our relationships.

MJ’s family were wonderful, they were all so vividly realized, even his mom who had passed left such a tangible presence BEHIND and I loved the Charlotte’s Web usage that was beautiful, clever thematic motif ahhhjhh

KAMALA KHAN IS MY QUEEN she is the next president of the United States, the hero we all need but only maybe the one we deserve. That argument with Peter in the subway about life lessons from Grey’s Anatomy, real talk, that was so legit lmao!!!

I have no words for how much I love MJ and Peter. Their friendship. The respect. The fondness. The slow clues that Peter is falling for MJ until he comes to realise it at the end.


This restored my faith in the possibility of our superheroes for the next generation. This was so beautiful. I loved it beyond words. I love you, screenwriter friend. Thank you for your service. May you continue to do great things.[4]


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