Terri O.

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Name: Terri O.
Alias(es): TDO, terrio
Fandoms: Starsky and Hutch, Blake's 7, The Professionals,Man From Uncle, The Professionals,
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Terri O. is a slash fan who was one of the earliest members of the Virgule-L mailing list. She attended Friscon, Virgule and Escapade in the 1990s and coined the phrase Con Farr.

She is also a powerhouse beta, having worked on stories by Speranza, Resonant, astolat, Merryish, Dira Sudis, Kaneko, Julad, Kass, Sandy Herrold, Morgan Dawn, Kate (from Muncle) Giglet, Michelle Christian, giddy, Tifah, and Barbara T across a number of fandoms and over three decades.

She and Morgan Dawn are also known as fandom packrats archivists, saving materials that many fans never thought to save. Consequently, she is a great resource for information or fannish fact-checking.