Summer of Supergirl

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Name: Summer of Supergirl
Date(s): July 1 - August 20, 2016 (still open for viewing)
Submissions: yes
Type: challenges/prompts for fanworks
Fandom: Supergirl (TV series)
Scope: everyone on Supergirl
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Summer of Supergirl is a Tumblr challenge blog started in the summer hiatus between the first season of Supergirl and the second.

About the Challenge

Open for anyone to participate (fic writers, fan artists, gif makers, etc.), we want to help make the wait for season 2 just a little bit shorter and keep the fandom going strong through this summer! No rules here: the prompts are only guidelines to help you along, and the main idea is to get out there, have fun, and create some new content to celebrate our favorite characters from this super show![1]



WEEK ONE: Here’s to the Danvers Sisters / July 11-16

  • There are Places I Remember - Kara and Krypton
  • I Need a Hero! - Kara (as Supergirl or not)
  • Don’t Try This at Home - Alex at work
  • America’s Most Wanted - Alex on the run
  • Strangers to Sisters - Kara & Alex learn how to sibling
  • “We Should Come with a Warning” - Kara & Alex, any age

WEEK TWO: Let’s Hear It for the Boys / July 18-23

WEEK THREE: Who Run the World? (GIRLS) / July 25-30

WEEK FOUR: That’s So Meta / August 1-6

  • All Things Krypton - How does the planet function? What is life there like? (Can be based just on information we’ve learned from Kara in the show’s canon or can bring in knowledge from the DC-verse.)
  • Different DNA - Kara’s enhanced physical abilities & biological differences
  • Super Sidekicks - Character analysis of anyone who is NOT Kara
  • Now You See It - Break down one of your favorite scenes or episodes
  • Stick to Your Day Job - What kind of knowledge & skills go into a job like running a media empire, taking Pulitzer prize-winning photos, shooting down aliens, or doing computer security? What’s the culture of those jobs like?
  • Only One Call Away - Let’s talk about what it means to be a hero
  • Alternative prompt: “Love bonds us all” - The show devotes a lot of time to the importance of found family and defining family on your own terms. What are some choices the characters actively make about those they love? How about “blood bonds” vs. “love bonds”?

WEEK FIVE: Alternate Universes & Crossovers / August 8-13

  • Comics
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Books
  • Universe Alterations
  • Genres/Video Games

WEEK SIX: Don’t You Want Me, Baby? (Rare Pair OTPs) / August 15-20

  • Road Trip Hell
  • Family Dinner
  • Karaoke Night
  • Roller Coaster
  • Caught in the Rain
  • In Sickness (and/or In Health)

2016 Participates


  1. ^ Promotional Post on July 1, 2016