Small Fandom BIG BANG

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Name: Small Fandom BIG BANG
Date(s): 2009/2010
Founder: forcryinoutloud
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: multiple small fandoms
Associated Community: smallfandom_bb; archive link
URL:; archive link
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You might be looking for The Small Fandom Big Bang Challenge or Small Fandoms Bang

Small Fandom BIG BANG is a big bang style fanfiction and fanart challenge that held its first round in 2009/2010.

The challenge began taking signups for the first round on September 2, 2009.[1]

Round one had a minimum word requirement of 20,000 words, and author eligibility was limited to people who had posted a story of at least 5,000 words. Challenge stories were required to have two betas.[1]

The challenge was limited to a few fandoms that did not have big bangs already running. They were:

* Being Human
* Castle
* Chronicles of Riddick
* Dark Angel
* The Dead Zone
* Eureka
* Hewligan (anything EXCEPT Stargate Atlantis or RPS)
* Primeval
* Psych

* Pushing Daisies [2]

The rules prohibited RPS, Incest (including stories featuring a pairing of two different characters played by the same actor) and underage, but allowed crossovers with other small fandoms.[3]

Posts for cheerleaders, betas, prompts and a community for discussion by the participants were provided to encourage authors and artists.

The stories and art are hosted off Livejournal on a website with feedback posts set up on a separate LJ community, Small Fandom Big Bang Feedback. The first round fanworks went live on August 6, 2010 with 10 stories and 20 pieces of fanart.[4] The reveal was slightly later than originally planned, but a long run from signups to posting was part of the original design of the challenge.

Future rounds were planned for alternating years with a tentative schedule for round two to begin in fall 2011.[5] This does not appear to have taken place.


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