Slashing Mulder

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Name: Slashing Mulder
Date(s): ?-2001 (?)
Archivist: Jo B
Founder: Jo B
Type: slash fanfiction archive
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: (via Wayback)
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Slashing Mulder was a fanfiction archive for slash fanfic featuring the character Fox Mulder.

Mulder/Skinner and Mulder/Krycek had their own page, all other Mulder m/m fics were archived under Mulder/Other.

Separate pages existed for the threesomes

The site was a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring and the Mulder's Sanctuary webring and had several mailing lists:


Slashing Mulder.jpg

The link section of the archive was last update August 19, 2001, and included links to:

X-Files Slash Archives:

X-Files Mulder-centric sites:

X-Files Fanfic archives:

Fanfic grammar and writing sites:

X-Files Slash Author pages: Cerulean Blue[4], Jo B[5], Nicole[6], Vyper[7], Yanthee[8] and Sonja Blue[9][10].


You want Mulder slash, you got it. Fairly simple to use site with lots to read. The only sad thing is the standalone stories are no longer being updated. Always worth a visit though.[1]


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