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Name: Three Way Stop
Dates: 1999-2009
Type: author site
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: (Wayback)
Three Way Stop.png
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Three Way Stop hosts the X-Files fanfic by frogdoggie, Blue Mohairbear and Mik.

The page is a member of The X-Files Fanfic Webring, The AXFAT! Webring, the Slash Fan Fiction Ring, the Mulder/Skinner Web Ring, the Surly Skinner Ring and The Skinner/Scully Webring.

Fic Links

  • Frogdoggie
  • Blue Mohair
  • Mik :YOU MUST BE THIS TALL TO READ THESE STORIES. There is a reason why they are rated NC-17. These stories are about two men in love and people in love very often have sex. If this bothers you, offends you, tears at your moral fiber, or doesn't go with your milk and cookies, thanks for stopping by and please close the door quietly on your way out. I respect everyone's right to have an opinion on this subject. I have my own. However, this is just a television series, and these are just some stories written to pass the time and amuse some very dear friends. I invite you to become one. If you're over eighteen, come in, sit down, make yourself comfortable. If you are under eighteen, I'm gonna' tell your mommy(and your email provider). An Author's Page wouldn't be complete without a little tribute and I'm lucky enough to know many people who deserve recognition. First and foremost, the ultimate webdog, and ma grande frere, frogdoggie. The Chatterers one and all. The queen of all betas, ma belle cherie, Susan (and the Lady D, who let me share her). Geoffrey, for pushing me. The Pooh Girl, just 'cuz. And TC and Jo. They know why." [1]

No More Updates

Alas, all good things come to an end and so it is with our storytelling. Mik, as it's sometimes said, has gone into the West, and Blue Mohairbear and I have said all there is to say about Skinner, Scully and Mulder, so it's best to retire gracefully. There will be no more Yahoo Group updates or fic from this date foreward. We bid you all a fond fic writing farewell.
The archive will remain as a testament to the fun we had crafting these stories and to our enjoyment in entertaining you over the years. It will also stand as a tribute to Mik's fanfic writing talent as long as our kind host, exists and allows us space. And who knows, when future fans discover XF through re-runs or DVDs or on line, they may find us here and stay awhile. So, future readers - we bid you welcome. To all of you, and to those who have been here before and return to re-read their favorite fics...
Greetings readers. We'd like to present an X-Files Author Fan Fic Collective, Three Way Stop. frogdoggie, Blue Mohairbear and Mik joined forces to bring to you some great X-Files fan fiction for your enjoyment. We are pleased to offer you a variety of fic here -MSR, Slash, and Skinnerotica can all be found on our individual sites for your reading pleasure. We hope that you will sample a little something from all of us and come back again. So, select a link for an individual author below and start your tour of our fan fic world. And as always, thanks for reading. -frogdoggie, webmaster and member author, April 24, 2009

A 2009 Loss

April 16, 2009

Dear Readers:

It's with tremendous sadness that I post this note. I received word from a member of Mik's family that he has passed away after a long and hard fought battle with cancer. My thoughts and prayers go out to Mik, his family, friends and many faithful readers.

Mik was more than a friend and fanfic collaborator, he was like a second brother to me and I'm going to miss him more than I can say. He was just a tremendously gentle, generous soul and it was my honor and privilege to know him.

Mik's fanfic was brilliant and I learned much about writing from him in the years we populated Three Way Stop with stories. He helped me to be a better writer and was always there with feedback, advice and encouragement for which I'll always be grateful.

Mik often told me how much he appreciated all his readers. I know he was thankful for your wonderful support over the years. You kept him telling stories and for that, I'd like to thank you all as well.

Mik's final request was to tell everyone that he'd left to go waltzing with bears. Rest in peace, Frere. I know you're walking in peace and beauty forever. I know we'll meet again too.

Bests, frogdoggie ( webmaster for Three Way Stop, an X-Files author's collective archive at:

PS - Mik's passing will undoubtedly bring about some changes regarding the Three Way Stop archive. I don't plan to discontinue it, because I believe his pages should stand as a memorial to a very talented fanfic writer. However, I will need to modify a few things to reflect Mik's passing. I appreciate your patience as I do so. Thanks. [2]


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