Slashing Dru

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Title: Slashing Dru
Creator: Patricia
Date(s): c. 2000/2001
Medium: online
Fandom: Buffyverse
Topic: Drusilla
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Slashing Dru is an essay hosted on the Charm School fansite. The essay is around 700 words long and discusses how Dru can be written in femslash fiction.


Not as hard as it sounds. True, Drusilla/Spike and Drusilla/Angel(us) defined Dru as a character in many senses. But in Angel season 2, so did Drusilla/Darla, with their shopping sprees and subtext/text attitude. She also shows a liking of Lilah (admiring her soft skin in Reunion and referring to her as "wicked" in Redefinition). So Dru-slash is not too far fetched. So, how it's done?

First of all, let's recap what the Jossverse has given us when it comes to Dru relationships: Spike, Angelus, Darla and to some extent both a chaos and a slime demon (Dru, what were you thinking, dear?). So, quoting Amberina, "she's willing to date demons, dating a woman isn't incredibly strange." It's all about the right circumstances for each woman.

In the beginning it's a matter of strength. Drusilla both fears and adores the powerful ones. She was sired by Angelus, the Scourge of Europe. Spike was his Dark Prince for decades, and she was fond of looking after him when he was confined to a wheelchair. But eventually, she drifted towards (evil again) Angelus, who could now offer her the chaos and destruction she craved. Notice how she also keeps trying to bring back her family back into place (turning Darla, talking Spike into getting back with her, following Darla's plans to get Angelus back). Dru likes the feeling of her twisted, evil family. And yet, she has no problem leaving them behind / moving on if they're not strong enough or not willing to be part of the family again. What does this mean for Dru slashers?
Of course, these are not the only options for slashing Dru. Since she's a character that can go so easily from submissive to dominant, the pairing sets the tone of the whole relationship. So a character more submissive (think Fred, Dawn or season one Willow) would work too. It can be a case of infatuations gone bad, or maybe just about corrupting the innocent. Your story, your setting. Keep in mind none of these characters is 100% pure either. If they're with Drusilla, there must be a logical explanation about it.