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Name: Charm School
Owner/Maintainer: Sibella (2014-), Meltha, Kaz
Dates: 2000-present
Type: fanfic archive, fansite
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series
URL:, Archived version (former url, 2005, Wayback)
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Charm School is a Buffyverse fansite for the character of Drusilla. It is part of the BtVS Writer's Guild. The site contains fanfiction, writing tips, meta essays and other fanworks.


From the website:

Welcome to Charm School, version: Lessons in Etiquette, the Drusilla section of the BtVS Writers Guild. Charm School is here to encourage authors into trying Dru on for size and amusing the masses who aren't in the mood for writing. We have an archive filled with quality Dru-centric fanfic, writing section for tips on writing our favourite deranged vampiress, and fun Drusilla extras! If you'd like info on the site's history and owner, then check out the Site section. We always welcome contributions to this site![1]



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